This is how long it takes for

(Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

This is how long it takes for your skin to recover from a hangover

You wouldn’t believe how long it actually takes to recover from that binge…

This is how long it takes for

(Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

We all know that too much alcohol is bad for our skins with all the break-outs, dryness, and irritation that we all dread so much.

But what you probably did not know is how long it takes for our skins to recover from it all. Well, according to LA dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer it takes up to 30 days to truly get over a hangover.

What? A whole month, hangover’s a bitch ain’t it!

Hold up, before you even think of dismissing this ideology, remember he is the man behind the beauty of A-list celebrities. I mean, have you seen Victoria Beckham?

In the Telegraph article, Lancer explains that sugar triggers a hormonal jolt by inflaming the lining of the stomach which in turn triggers a brain signal to produce more testosterone.

“In women, acne is an effect of testosterone and the way to control that is through diet,” said Lancer.

Are you reaching for the good healthy greens yet?

It gets worse, there’s no such thing as ‘good sugar’ when it comes to alcohol and a glass of red wine has 400 calories of sugar.

Those three glasses of wine you were planning on may not be a good idea anymore.

And apparently your faves don’t have chefs to control their weight but to control their skin.

“When they’re on tour or active filming, there’s zero alcohol. People we treat in that world are crystal clear in high definition screens because they’re meticulously maintained by my recommendations through their cooks and nutritionists.”

A dagger to the heart, the hangover ’cure’ you’re set on is your worst nightmare.

“Ham, sausage, bacon, bread, hash browns…you may as well shoot yourself. That is like being on a prison diet. And White bread is a total loss. You might as well paint blemishes on your face.

Final verdict is you can control complexion with a diet.

Anyone for a glass of wine… erm I meant avocado salad?