#GuptalEAKS Duduzane Zuma state capture inquiry

(Photo by Gallo Images/City Press/Muntu Vilakazi)

Think Zuma’s got it good; check out what his kids are raking in

If you thought being mates with Zuma got you a pretty sweet seat on the gravy train, you should see what his children are getting.

#GuptalEAKS Duduzane Zuma state capture inquiry

(Photo by Gallo Images/City Press/Muntu Vilakazi)

It’s no secret that Zuma’s very, very large family has been the largest beneficiary of the president’s nepotism; but for posterity sake let’s have a little look at the big five on dad’s gravy train.

Gugu Zuma-Ncube

Gugu’s been in the news recently following a R167 million dodgy deal between the SABC and the production company she’s a producer at. She works on Uzalo, a show running on a suspiciously over-inflated budget.

Edward Zuma

One of the president’s more outspoken children, Edward regularly lashes out at his pops’ detractors. Eddie famously said his dad would not be able to pay back the money spent on their Nkandla estate, as the family doesn’t have that much money… well, that’s not quite true now is it.

Zuma’s eldest has had a hand in more than a few businesses over the years including: Silvex 556, Isthebe Construction and Engineering, Southeast Network Construction SA, SA Guilding Star Trading, Nippon Import Export SA, Isthebe Petroleum, Isthebe Oil and Gas, Isthebe Foods, Dumaka Alternative Technology, Ocean Crest Trading 51, Khumusi Trading Enterprise, Izichwe Investment Holdings, and Masikhuza.

Duduzane Zuma

By far the biggest beneficiary of his father’s handouts, Duduzane is rumoured to be worth more than a billion Rand, a fortune he made almost overnight after being given senior board positions on several Gupta-owned companies shortly after dad became president.

According to reports, he’s the largest shareholder of the holding company that bought Glencore’s Optimum colliery.

His other business interests include: Mabengela Investments, Westdawn Investments, Gemini Moon Trading 254, Karibu Hospitality, Shiva Uranium, Sahara Holdings, Afripalm Horizons and Tegeta Explorations and Resources.

Duduzile Zuma

Joining her brother on the Sahara board, Duduzile has had her fair share of the pie. She resigned from the Sahara board just as dad became president, but not to worry she didn’t go hungry for long. Duduzile reportedly got her hands on some pretty attractive Gold Fields shares and one of the companies she’s connected with, Attractive Move Invest, got a substantial deal with… wait for it, the SABC.

Zuma’s little girl also has a hand in Duzi Investment Holdings, which has interests in the Zambian financial sector as well as housing developments in Angola and the DRC – where the president is a good friend of Jacob Zuma –.

Thuthukile Zuma

The youngest, but by no means to be underestimated; Thuthukile became the youngest person to serve as a ministerial chief of staff when she was appointed to the position at the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services.

She’s since resigned from the post, but took home about R1 million for the job.