These insane body art optical

These insane body art optical illusions are pretty unsettling

We mean freak you out the f*ck out, yes.

These insane body art optical


A French artist mastered the art of making drawings on his hand look like the real deal and we’ve got the video to prove it. Jordan Molina, or most commonly known as TutoDraw, creates realistic and freaky images on his hand with the use of body paint.

With the use off 3D drawing techniques he is able to fool the mind in thinking the image in front is the real deal. According to, the mental mechanism behind the deception is called top-down processing. With this process the brain fills in the gaps in what it is seeing, creating a visual image that it expects to see. “For instance, when part of a pencil is visible sticking out to the side of Molina’s hand and another part appears through the hole in his palm, the brain connects the two and sees them as part of the same pencil.”

And, of course it comes down to artistic skills and imagination – so check out Molina’s mad skills down in the video below: