Crispy hasselback potatoes

Crispy hasselback potatoes: Delicious side dish. Image: Carla Zinkfontein

The FIVE best ways to eat potatoes

Potatoes are one of the planet’s finest foodstuffs. What’s your favourite way to eat them though? We’ve listed our top five.

Crispy hasselback potatoes

Crispy hasselback potatoes: Delicious side dish. Image: Carla Zinkfontein

Potatoes are truly one of the wonders of the food world.

Because of their global popularity and accessibility, they have been the source of countless debates down the years. What is the best way to eat, cook or maximize the deliciousness of potatoes?

The simplistic glory of potatoes. Image: Hai Nguyen via Unsplash

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The five best ways to eat potatoes

Roast potatoes

There’s simply no better accompaniment for a Sunday roast than crispy golden roast potatoes. How you garnish them is up to you, but what we can all agree upon is that they should be crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

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Golden roast potatoes
Golden roast potatoes: The perfect braai or Sunday lunch side. Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash


Add a little touch of class to proceedings by serving up hasselback potato to your guests next time they’re around. The best part? They’re insanely easy to make, you just need to make deep cuts as pictured below. Don’t go coast to coast though. Season liberally with salt and pepper, add herbs (rosemary works nicely) and a healthy glug of olive oil. The only truly important ingredient now is time. The longer they’re in the oven, the crispier they get.

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Golden Hasselback
Hasselback potatoes are so easy and classy too. Image: Unsplash

Potato bake

Dauphinoise potatoes, as they are also referred to by fancier folk, are comfort food deluxe. Who doesn’t like cream, onions, garlic and cheese married to potato in a baked form?

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Classic creamy potato bake Recipe
Classic creamy potato bake Recipe Image:

French fries

Whether you cook them at home or grab them at McDonald’s, French fries remain a GOAT contender, every time. One of the most iconic meals we’ll ever see and that’s not going to change in our lifetimes.

french fries
South Africa may experience a potentially severe shortage of French fries in the coming months. Image via Pexels

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Like potato bake before it, mash provides comfort and satisfaction like almost no other food. Put it with steak, fish or just about anything. Mash is amazing. Maybe mash is the best thing ever invented actually?

Roasted garlic mash, a delightful side dish. Image: Marele van Zyl

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Please have your say in the comments and feel free to disagree with one another. God bless potatoes! As we approach summer, it’s also worth considering cold soups. Nothing slaps quite like vichyssoise.

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