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What’s the difference between online schooling and homeschooling? Image: Shutterstock

What’s the difference between online schooling and homeschooling?

UCT Online High School is redefining what it means to “go” to school by putting your child front and centre, right where they should be.

online high school

What’s the difference between online schooling and homeschooling? Image: Shutterstock

There is no denying it, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives forever. Not only in the way we go about our daily lives, but also in the way that we plan for the future.

One of the places where this has become most apparent is when it comes to education. The pandemic has disrupted educational norms across the world and many parents find themselves now wondering if brick-and-mortar schooling is really the way forward in an increasingly digital world? Especially when you can now get a world-class online education for an affordable price without having to sit in traffic each day.

That being said, the idea of transitioning to schooling from home can be quite daunting – parents already have a lot of balls to juggle, we know. But as we have recently come to learn, there is a massive difference between homeschooling and going to school online.

Five advantages of a learning platform like UCT Online High School    

Here are the five major advantages of embracing the future through a learning platform like UCT Online High School:   

1. In order to run a home school, guardians either have to build or buy a complex curriculum themselves, often leaving guardians feeling like they are out of their depth

However, in an online school environment, like UCT Online High School, our future fit curriculum is already created for you. Designed by some of the best learning designers and administered through state-of-the-art platforms via a virtual school with all the support and administration services you need.

2. In a homeschool environment, it is up to the guardian to organise and oversee social activities for the learner

Whereas at UCT Online High School, socialisation is built into the learning model. Learners have homeroom sessions, learning compass sessions and a weekly assembly, not to mention a whole host of virtual clubs, which provide ample opportunity to play and hone those all-important social skills. Many learners meet up to play sports and hang out in real life too.

3. Running a homeschool can be incredibly time-consuming and challenging particularly for guardians with no professional teaching experience. As a guardian you not only have to oversee the curriculum and all of the marking but you often have to play the role of teacher and mentor too.

At UCT Online High school all the teaching is done for you. Not only do they have some of the best teachers and teaching material money can buy, but they also provide each learner with their very own Support Coach, who champions them through their school journey every step of the way when needed. All that is left for you to do is be proud of them. 

4. School should be a stepping stone towards a brighter future. The South African education system is complex, and understanding the nuances of pacing, exam requirements and tertiary education can be a real headache to guardians who choose to homeschool.

However, at an online school, like UCT, these pacing and administrative headaches are taken care of for you. The curriculum, pacing and test and exam blocks are made clear and learners have access to career services to ensure that they are guided towards the future that they want.

5. In order to successfully work from home, learners need to learn self-discipline by cultivating a good work ethic. In a homeschool environment, their timetable and learning structure has to be overseen by their guardian.

Whereas at UCT Online High School, each learner is provided with their very own personalised schedule, helping them target exam blocks through a series of mastery checks. (Mastery based progression ensures that they master all of the learning material along the way.) When a learner falls behind, data allows for their Support Coach and Teachers to step in and get them back on track through appropriate remediation.  

So as you can see, UCT Online High School completely redefines what it means to “go” to school by putting your child front and centre, right where they should be. Success in life is based on more than just access to great opportunities, it requires continuous encouragement and support too. Together with you, they will provide your child with all the tools that they need to succeed in high school, university, and life. 

Join UCT Online High School for only R2,095 per month. 

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