This teacher has been suspended for pushing a pupil. Images via Facebook: Joe Booysen

‘Zero respect’: SA stands with teacher who threw teen across room [watch]

‘I would have done exactly the same as a teacher,’ said one person after watching the altercation between the teacher and the pupil.


This teacher has been suspended for pushing a pupil. Images via Facebook: Joe Booysen

Thousands of South Africans have been left absolutely shocked by a clip that shows a teacher getting into a scuffle with one of his students. In the clip, the student appears to have abandoned proper classroom conduct which forced the teacher to physically push him away.

While many people have condemned the teacher for becoming physical, thousands of South Africans have seemingly sided with the teacher while commenting that school pupils are no longer respectful in class.

South Africans have strong mixed feelings over clip of teacher pushing pupil

Over the last few years, parents and teachers alike have become increasingly concerned over the behaviour of school pupils.

Hundreds of videos have made their way online of students either shouting at teachers, throwing things at them, or storming out of the classroom without permission.

The situation at schools has become so out of hand that last month we reported about how a few high school learners were video recorded smoking marijuana and drinking beer during their break period.

And now, another video has been shared online, this time, one student records as another completely refuses to back away from his teacher. The pupil’s behaviour results in the teacher pushing him to the ground.

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The video was shared on Facebook on 6 March by Joe Booysen who explained that the matter has been escalated for investigation by the Free State Department of Education who also allegedly suspended the teacher at Wessel Maree High School in Odendaalsrus.

“The Free State Department of Education suspended a teacher at Wessel Maree High School in Odendaalsrus. The department said the teacher’s suspension comes after a video, depicting how the teacher pushes the student, was spread on social media.

‘We launched an investigation to look into the incident. At this point, we do not know all the details regarding the incident,” Pule Makgoe, LUR for education, said in a statement.

‘The investigation, once completed, will shed more light on what happened. The department will then, based on the evidence at our disposal, make an informed decision on what steps to take.’,” the clip was captioned.

Mzansi is up in arms

The video has received a number of reactions from people who mostly agree that the student purposefully provoked his teacher. Many have expressed concern over the ailing situation in schools during recent times:

Willem Serfontein said:

“I would have done exactly the same as a teacher, anyone can see that that student has no respect for the teacher. Looks like he should have finished school 5 years ago.”

Cherry Grant said:

“That student was out of line. This would never have happened if he was sitting at his desk and being respectful. This is the new normal for today’s disrespectful learners.”

Letona Simons said:

“That student was out of line that’s it I don’t say the teacher was the right thing to do so but teachers are facing daily problems from these disrespectful learners I am not a teacher but we see this daily on social media.”

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