How to care for the Luvme HD lace wig. Image: Canva

How to care for the Luvme HD lace wig

When buying a wig the wearer want to look and feel like it was their own hair. Here’s how you can care for your Luvmehair


How to care for the Luvme HD lace wig. Image: Canva

One of the biggest concerns for wig buyers is if the wig is going to be obvious to onlookers. When getting a wig the wearer wanted to look and feel like it was their own hair. With a lot of wigs their construction from the base material not matching their scalp being forced to wear wigs or applying concealer on the base material to match the tone. HD lace wigs have completely solved that problem. They have recently gotten a lot of attention due to their high-quality transformation on women’s hair look. As women are rushing to get themselves an HD lace wig we want to explore this wig more.

The Luvmehair HD Lace Wigs

Luvmehair is all about providing high-quality wigs to improve women’s looks. We know how vital it is to get a great wig and we have taken our time in creating a luxurious and pleasant experience when shopping for wigs. When creating the HD lace wigs we use high-quality fine-knitted mesh material to create the lace material. We wanted wigs that are soft, light, airy, and comfortable when worn for long periods. So what is an HD lace wig? HD lace wigs are derived from Swiss lace wigs. HD stands for high definition. They are meant to match the skin tone of the wearer and give the illusion that the wig is their own hair and the hair bundles are growing out from the wearer’s scalp. HD lace wigs are made of transparent material which will reflect the wearer’s skin tone. With being made from an extremely thin material, the HD lace wig will blend onto the wearer’s scalp and people around you will be unable to tell that you have a wig on. They give an invisible hairline look as the HD lace will seamlessly blend with the wearer’s skin tone. This is an amazing wig that will make wig lovers extremely happy who can try different styles such as bob wigs. We want you to be able to enjoy the Luvmehair HD lace wig as long as possible. Therefore it is crucial to know how to care for it.

How to maintain HD Lace Wig

  • Gentleness

HD lace wigs are made from extremely thin material to ensure that they provide an HD effect on the wig hair. This however also means that the HD lace wig is susceptible to tear if not handled delicately. Be gentle when applying to wear and taking off the lace wig to preserve the integrity of the base.

  • Clean The HD Lace Wig

It is crucial to care for your HD lace wig by washing it. There are 2 components: the hair bundle and the lace material. Wash the wig to get rid of dirt, build-up, gunk, or any other impurities. As the lace is made of little tiny holes. It is easy for gunk from product use or the adhesive used for attachment to get stuck in these holes. Take your time to ensure the lace material is free from any glue residue. You do use a gentle shampoo and conditioner every week or biweekly to wash your HD lace wig.

  • Moisture 

The Luvmehair HD lace wig is extremely soft. We also use human hair for our HD lace wig which means soft, silky, and healthy hair. To maintain the high-quality status of these HD lace wigs it is essential to moisturize HD lace wigs. When moisturized, the HD lace wig will be soft, shiny, and most importantly hydrated. When unmoisturized, HD lace wigs are dry, brittle, shed a lot, and matt easily making them more susceptible to breakage. Do not allow your HD lace wig to look dull, use moisturizing conditioners and moisturizing stylers on the hair.

  • Protect the HD Lace Wig

The HD lace wig is already sensitive due to its thin material so caring for it at night is a must. Additionally, you want to prevent the hair from matting up at night due to the friction caused by the young on your cotton pillowcases. Use a silk or satin scarf to wrap your HD lace wig at night to protect it. You can also choose to remove your HD lace wig at night before you go to bed.

  • Over Styling

It can be exciting to have a great wig that you can play around with and try a variety of styles. Nonetheless, over-manipulating can deteriorate an HD lace wig. Remember any shed hair from a wig is irreversible as hair cannot grow. Avoid vigorously brushing the HD lace wig too much, not even washing it, and using heat too often as this can weaken the hair strands or even damage the HD lace base. Treat your HD lace wigs as if they were your own hair and be minimally gentle. 

HD lace wigs are guaranteed to increase one’s confidence as they bring out the best in women because of how great they look. A must-try for women wanting high-quality wigs.

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