whats on tv sunday mnet etv sabc knives out escape plan tropic thunder i am slave

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What’s on TV: Sunday movies 6 December – ‘Knives Out’, ‘Escape Plan’ and more

In tonight’s Sunday movie lineup: Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Knives Out’, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Escape Plan’, Ben Stiller and Jack Black in ‘Tropic Thunder’ and Wunmi Mosaku in the acclaimed ‘I Am Slave’.

whats on tv sunday mnet etv sabc knives out escape plan tropic thunder i am slave

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If you need some distraction from the current state of affairs, here are a few suggestions from tonight’s Sunday movie lineup: Knives Out, Escape Plan, Tropic Thunder and I Am Slave.

Turn to M-Net, M-Net Movies 3, eTV and SABC 3.

Sunday movie on M-Net – ‘Knives Out’

‘Knives Out’ plot

The circumstances surrounding the death of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey are mysterious, but there’s one thing that renowned Detective Benoit Blanc knows for sure; everyone in the wildly dysfunctional Thrombey family is a suspect.

Now, Blanc must sift through a web of lies and red herrings to uncover the truth.

On air: Sunday, 6 December 21:30 on eTV

Watch: ‘Knives Out’ trailer

‘Knives Out’ cast and characters

  • Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc
  • Chris Evans as Hugh Ransom Drysdale
  • Ana de Armas as Marta Cabrera
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda Drysdale
  • Michael Shannon as Walt Thrombey
  • Don Johnson as Richard Drysdale
  • Toni Collette as Joni Thrombey
  • Lakeith Stanfield as Detective Lieutenant Elliott
  • Katherine Langford as Meg Thrombey
  • Jaeden Martell as Jacob Thrombey
  • Christopher Plummer as Harlan Thrombey
  • Riki Lindhome as Donna Thrombey
  • Edi Patterson as Fran

Sunday movie on M-Net 3 – ‘Escape Plan’

‘Escape Plan’ plot

Tough and chiseled Ray Breslin knows how to infiltrate a prison, and bust out of one. His latest job leads to a double-cross, leaving him stuck in a high-tech facility with the worst that society has to offer.

Luckily for Ray, he meets Emil Rottmayer, an inmate who secretly helps him hatch a plot to win his freedom. Only sadistic warden Hobbes stands in the way of the two men successfully making it out alive.

On air: Sunday, 6 December 21:30 on eTV

Watch: ‘Escape Plan’ trailer

‘Escape Plan’ cast and characters

  • Sylvester Stallone as Ray Breslin / Anthony Portos, a former prosecutor, businessman and skilled structure engineer
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Emil Rottmayer / Victor X
  • Jim Caviezel as Warden Hobbes, the aggressive, assertive and malicious owner of the Tomb prison facility
  • Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as Hush, Ray’s best friend who is working as his own technical expertise.
  • Sam Neill as Dr Kyrie, the doctor of the Tomb prison facility
  • Vinnie Jones as Drake, Hobbes’ sadistic and violent personal assistant and bodyguard
  • Faran Tahir as Javed, a Muslim criminal and an inmate of the Tomb
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Lester Clark, Ray’s business partner who arranges the various escape job

Sunday movie on eTV – ‘Tropic Thunder’

‘Tropic Thunder’ plot

While shooting a war film, the director attempts to liven up proceedings by dropping the principle actors into the middle of a real jungle, claiming he is going to capture their performance with hidden cameras.

The hapless group including drug-addled comedy star Jeff Portnoy and po-faced method man Kirk Lazarus are completely unaware when a series of unfortunate events leads them into the middle of a real war zone.

On air: Sunday, 6 December 21:30 on eTV

Watch: ‘Tropic Thunder’ trailer

‘Tropic Thunder’ cast and characters

  • Ben Stiller as Tugg Speedman: Once the highest-paid, highest-grossing action film star ever due to his Scorcher franchise
  • Jack Black as Jeff Portnoy: A drug-addicted comedian-actor well known for portraying multiple parts in films that rely on toilet humour
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Kirk Lazarus: An Australian method actor and five-time Academy Award winner
  • Nick Nolte as Four Leaf Tayback: The author of Tropic Thunder, a fake memoir of his war experiences on which the film-within-a-film is based
  • Steve Coogan as Damien Cockburn: The inexperienced British film director who is unable to control the actors in the film
  • Jay Baruchel as Kevin Sandusky: A novice actor, he is the only cast member to have read the script and book and attended the assigned boot camp prior to the film
  • Danny McBride as Cody: The film’s explosives expert and helicopter pilot. He is a pyromaniac.
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Alpa Chino: A closeted homosexual rapper who is attempting to cross over into acting
  • Bill Hader as Studio Executive Rob Slolom: Grossman’s assistant and right-hand man.
  • Brandon Soo Hoo as Tran: The 12-year-old young leader of the Flaming Dragon gang
  • Reggie Lee as Byong: The second-in-command of the Flaming Dragon gang.

Sunday movie on eTV – ‘I Am Slave’

‘I Am Slave’ plot

Malia, a 12-year-old girl from the Nuba Mountains, is snatched from the arms of her father during a Muharaleen raid on their village. Sold into slavery, she spends the next six years of her life working for a Sudanese family.

Then, aged 18, she is sent to London where the brutality and inhumanity that she experiences continues, only under a different roof.

On air: Sunday, 6 December 20:00 on eTV

Watch: ‘I Am Slave’ trailer

‘I Am Slave’ cast and characters

  • Wunmi Mosaku
  • Isaach De Bankolé
  • Lubna Azabal
  • Hiam Abbass
  • Nonso Anozie
  • Nyokabi Gethaiga
  • Nasser Memarzia
  • Selva Rasalingam
  • Amaar Sardharwalla
  • Jameel Sardharwalla

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