suits season 7 episode 9

Suits Season 7, Episode 7: Full Disclosure – what’s going to happen with Mike Ross? [video]

Suits Season 7 is getting pretty spicy. Don’t read ahead if you’re not up to date.

suits season 7 episode 9

This post might contain some spoilers, so if you’re not up to date with Suits Season 7, look away now.

Last week, Harvey found out that Mike had been going behind his back to work on the prison case. According to the official synopsis, this week, fans will find out what Alex Williams is hiding.

Suits Season 7 Episode 7 is called “Full Disclosure”

A fitting title since apparently Harvey finds out Alex has been hiding some information about the prison case which got Mike into trouble.

Looks like Alex and Mike are going to butt heads again after the case was thrown out of court last week. Mike, of course, wasn’t happy with the way Alex approached him and humiliated him in the courtroom.

But, of course, Suits is about more than just Mike and Harvey. Last week, Donna returned Harvey’s apartment key after she found out he had a new love interest. To his face, Donna pretended not to care, but she was quite obviously a little bit gutted.

And Louis will be Louis – back in charge of the associates and trying his best to be a better guy.

Watch the trailer for Suits Season 7 Episode Seven below

When and where can I watch Suits 7 Episode 7 in South Africa?

Date: Thursday, August 24
Start Time: 20:30
Episode: “Full Disclosure”
Channel: M-Net

When will the rest of Suits season 7 show in South Africa?

EP 8: 100, 31 August
EP 9: TBA, 7 September
EP 10: TBA, 14 September