Zizo Sonjica Face of Fitness

Image via Instagram/@zizo.sonjica

Student a step closer to modelling dream of being a cover girl

Durban University of Technology student Zizo Sonjica, a finalist in 2020’s Face of Fitness title, shares her workout secrets.

Zizo Sonjica Face of Fitness

Image via Instagram/@zizo.sonjica

Business student Zizo Sonjica, 26, has always dreamt of modelling and she is now one step closer after she was chosen as a cover girl finalist for a national fitness magazine.

Originally from Bizana in the Eastern Cape, Sonjica has been chosen as a finalist in Fitness Magazine‘s Biogen Face of Fitness 2020 competition.


Who is Zizo Sonjica?

The South African asked Sonjica to fill us in on her fitness journey with a Q&A and her fitness tips.

Q: Who is Zizo Sonjica?

A: I am a postgraduate student in business management. I am currently pursuing a career in internal auditing at the Durban University of Technology.

How and when did your modelling career take off?

Every time I would see something I love on television I would practise it over and over again trying to perfect it. Usually it would be learning to speak English, posing and walking in heels.

After watching a lot of modelling shows on television, I then entered for Miss Mzamba 2015. It was such a nerve-wracking experience but I won the first princess title.

Have you always wanted to be a model?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a model but my background couldn’t allow me to start at a young age. I started after college in 2015 because I was able to financially support myself.

What made you enter the Biogen Face of Fitness 2020?

In July this year, my friend Phaphama Mrabele mentioned my name on Fitness Magazine’s page on Instagram. She said “You’ve got this” and I believed that I did. I applied at the beginning of August and that’s how I became part of the Biogen Face of Fitness family.

What does the role of being a finalist entail?

It means living a fitness lifestyle, as that must be what fuels your actions. One must be authentic and connect with the audience on topics that promote health and fitness. You need to share your fitness journey, good and bad, and learn to motivate with words and actions.

What do you do for relaxation?

No matter how busy I am, I always make time for myself. I love to go hiking and take a beach walk just to clear my head and have fun. My fun is always integrated with fitness.

What is your take on the body positivity?

I have been  told that I am too lean, too short, too muscular, too chubby. But, I’ve grown to love critics as they help me see things differently!


Zizo’s fitness tips

Zizo shares a few of her workout tips:

  • It’s important to dedicate certain exercises to targeted body parts. For example, on Monday, Tuesday and Friday train the lower body, then on Wednesday and Thursday the upper body. You can choose whatever works for you. 
  • The secret to home workouts is doing as many repetitions as possible to help muscles develop more endurance.
  • If you want to have a flat tummy, every day must be abs day. Do as many repetitions as you can: sit-ups, knee pull-ins, cross-crunches, leg raises and Russian twists with 10 repetitions, for example.

“The burn is my friend, if it is not burning then that means I am not doing it right.”

  • For the lower body, try 50-100 repetitions of normal squats, jumping squats, walking lunges, side-leg raises and side-leg extensions.
  • If you want to a healthy gut and glowing skin, water should be your best friend!

“Eight  glasses of water a day does the trick.”

  • Cut out sugar and fast food if you want to see good results. Snack on fruits and include natural, fresh food in your diet.