Stephanie Matto charges R7k for a jar of her boob sweat! Image via Instagram @stepankamatto

‘It’s hard work’: Influencer charges R7k for jar of boob sweat [watch]

‘I’m also trying to practice this craft safety,’ said reality star and influencer Stephanie Matto on her sweaty business venture.


Stephanie Matto charges R7k for a jar of her boob sweat! Image via Instagram @stepankamatto

90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto went viral in 2021 after revealing that she “sells her farts in a jar” for R15k each! Just a few months later, Matto has gone viral for another one of her wacky business ideas! According to LadBible, the American reality star and influencer is now selling her boob sweat and people are buying! 

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After a successful business selling her farts in a jar, Stephanie Matto had to “retire” after it sent her to hospital but that has not let her down! 

As per LadBible, for Matto’s “boob sweat” business, she spends four hours a day next to her garden pool working up a sweat to fill her jars. 

“I love sitting by the pool but it’s also hard work, don’t be fooled,” she told the publication. 

“I also have a great set of breasts. And smelling the sweat, licking the sweat, would bring fans as close as they can get to them,” she expressed. 


Matto, who refers to herself as “the human maple tree” says she tries to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated while she sits in the sun for long periods of time. 

Sitting in the sun can come with its own risks, but luckily the influencer has that covered! 

“I’m also trying to practice this craft safely as possible with a proper SPF moisturiser, however after this past week I have learned that a simple SPF 30 won’t be cutting it, since I did burn my chest quite badly, she explained. 

Matto sells her sweat jars for R7.7k each and is able to fill 10 jars on a good day! 



Although her farting business venture sent her into early retirement, Matto launched an NFT *Non-Fungible Token) business for her farts. According to ScreenRant, the project made her more than $130 000 (R2 million). 

IIn February she sold fart-scented candles for $99.95 (R1 558) each.

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