Spain’s Christmas lottery can spell huge prizes for South Africans: Image: Supplied

Spain’s Christmas lottery can spell huge prizes for South Africans

The Spanish Christmas lottery is a massively popular lottery which happens once a year, on 22 December and is open in all parts of South Africa and other global countries


Spain’s Christmas lottery can spell huge prizes for South Africans: Image: Supplied

If you have not heard of the Spanish Christmas lottery, it’s probably high time you did.

The draw for this massively popular lottery happens once a year, on 22 December, in – you guessed it – Spain. But it’s no longer only available in Spain – it can be played from all parts of South Africa and other global countries.

The popular Christmas lottery El Gordo is rather different to many of its fellow lotteries around the world.

Raffle vibes

It does not feature balls that have numbers on them and are drawn on a regular basis. Instead, it’s more of a raffle with tickets purchased to enter. Each ticket has a number between 00000 and 99999.

As the draw happens, players win prizes if the digits on their tickets are the same as those drawn from one of two big drums.

‘El Gordo’ is the biggest prize available, while many lower-tier amounts – including those known as ‘La Pedrea’ are up for grabs as well.

SA’s love of Spain

Many South Africans, over an extended period, have had an affinity for Spain. There was the time, in 2010, when SA hosted the football World Cup, which the Spanish eventually won. Spain gained a lot of South African fans then and that initial connection has effectively continued through the availability of the Spanish Christmas lottery in SA.

For those who celebrate Christmas, they could make it one they never forget. Imagine winning millions, if not billions, of ZAR a few days before the popular festive holiday on 25 December? There’d surely be plenty of presents to go around – fill those Christmas stockings right up, indeed.

What to do if among winners

Because the ‘El Gordo’ (direct translation: the fat one) is absolutely a plump prize, it can present an interesting case study in what winners of the fat sum do with their newfound wealth.

Many might choose to invest some or all of the amount. Living off the interest, which compounds, can give one a healthy sum on a regular basis for many, many years.

There are those who might choose to pay off debt with the winnings as well. Being debt free, overnight, after an extended period of paying money back could be hugely satisfying. 

South Africans love to travel and, whether that’s locally or abroad, entering the famous Spanish Lottery puts one in contention for plenty of vacation money. Whether it’s Thailand, Greece or Australia internationally or Cape Town, Knysna or Durban locally, financing a big, fun holiday shouldn’t be a problem on the back of a big win. Hang, there is even Spain itself – that’s a great holiday destination. Madrid, Barcelona and beyond can be great places to take in the sights and see what the locals and other tourists get up to. 

Regardless, the Spanish Christmas lottery is a really nice opportunity to spice up December – or even before – that much more. It’s something different and exciting – and an intriguing day on the calendar to mark in anticipation. Three days before Christmas has probably never looked this exciting.