SA artist’s ‘Ricoffy’ painting

Ennock M. Art ZA/Facebook

SA artist’s ‘Ricoffy’ painting of DJ Black Coffee goes viral [photo]

Meet Ennock Mlangeni: The man who painted DJ Black Coffee with the help of Ricoffy.

SA artist’s ‘Ricoffy’ painting

Ennock M. Art ZA/Facebook

Ennock M. Art or Ennock Mlangeni is a self-proclaimed self-taught visual artist from Sasolburg who recently went viral for his paintings created with the help of Ricoffy.

In other instances, Ennock M. Art also uses standard pencil, colored pencils, acrylic, oil paint, and pen to produce his works of art.

His work mostly focuses on portraits of individuals such as Nelson Mandela and DJ Black Coffee. On Twitter, he says he never had the means to study art, but he polished his skills and learned different styles and techniques. Today he can work with any medium.

Ennock quickly started getting rave reviews when he posted the portrait (pictured above) of DJ Black Coffee painted with coffee on 24 July 2018. He said:

“My Black Coffee post got 19k reactions and 10k shares, my following here [FACEBOOK] grew from 32k to 52k, my page likes increased with 4k likes from 9k to 13k.”

Funnily enough, Ennock said that he will become a viral sensation a day before posting the portrait of DJ Black Coffee:

“One day my work will make it to billboards and TV screens, one day my story will be heard, it will be on magazines and newspapers. One day a story of the painter, who paint in a shack will be heard.”

Ennock told the Sun that nothing could have been better than using coffee.

“I can easily express myself through art. Here, I am expressing my love for an artist” (Referring to Black Coffee).

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