wedding invites celebs viral twitter thread

Guy’s thread about inviting famous people to his wedding and their responses is going viral

This might be the best thing you read all day.

wedding invites celebs viral twitter thread

Twitter can be a pretty mean place. But, once in a while, a thread comes along that’s just so utterly brilliant that it makes you forget just what a hellhole social media can be.

Sit down for story time from a South African who went the extra mile with his wedding invites. It was 2012… a young guy was about to embark on a new adventure… and he wanted to make his wedding extra special.

So, what did he do? He sent out a bunch of invites to celebs from all around the world inviting them to his wedding.

What makes this story great is partly the sheer South African persistence, but also the fact that so many took the time to respond and politely decline…

Settle down…. the thread is going viral… it’s only a matter of time before all these celebs regret their rejection….

Okay, we’re listening… where did you find their deets?

Right… but that’s a lot of effort…

Ok, sibling love… great… right… who did you invite?

Wow, weak response from the Royals, there, really. Anyone else?

NONE of them could make it? How rude. Ok, what about actors?

Haai, shame… no love there either…

Ah, well, a photo is as good as him showing up, right? You can just put his photo on a chair and pretend? Who else?

“Busy schedule…”… we’re starting to think it’s maybe not them…. but South Africans are nothing if not persistent…


What. A. Story. And this is not even the full list. We want more!