Bunnychow 2

South African-inspired bunny chow restaurant wins best breakfast award in UK

What do you get when you stuff a full english breakfast into a hollowed out brioche loaf? An award-winning breakfast, that’s what

Bunnychow 2

Think: Freshly baked brioche loaf filled with home cured bacon, sausage, button mushrooms, bobotie spiced beans and homemade black pudding topped with a fried egg.

English Bunnychow

The philosophy at Bunnychow is, “if it tastes good, cram it in!” Inspired by the original bunny chow created in Durban in the 1940s, Bunnychow has been serving their own take on a “bunny” since 2013. When Atholl Milton first launched the company, he took the dish around London in a truck.

Besides from the Full English Bunny, Bunnychow serves Piri Piri Pork Bunny, Veggie Bunny, Chakalaka Bunny and Durban Bunny.

As part of National Breakfast Week, Bunnychow CEO Atholl Milton was awarded most innovative breakfast in the UK award by TV chef Phil Vickery.

Featured image: Twitter.com/thebunnychow
Photo by: Instagram @originalbunnychow