TikTok boy impresses South Africans.

TikTok boy impresses South Africans. Images via TikTok

‘Belongs in Hollywood’: SA reacts to boy and mom’s Oros video

[5.4 million views video] A boy drinking Oros, dressed in his mom’s clothes impressed social media users with his acting skills.

TikTok boy impresses South Africans.

TikTok boy impresses South Africans. Images via TikTok

A video of a boy dressed in his mom’s clothes, drinking Oros has received over 5 million views on Twitter after a tweep @Velvet_Nik shared it on Sunday, 13 August.

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The video of the little boy eating pizza, drinking Oros in his mom’s clothes was first shared by a woman @Thembie087 on TikTok on Friday, 11 August and received over two million views on the platform.

In the video, the boy is first seen in the kitchen drinking juice, then walks outside, eats pizza, leans by the wall, while the song Lonely by Akon plays in the background.

Social media users were so impressed with the little boy’s acting skills, facial expressions and revealed that he can replace Skeem Saam actor Lethabo Thangoane, who plays the character of boy called Pitsi.

@raydonavan2 said: “He must replace Pitsi with immediate effect.”

@ManLikeLight_ tweeted: “Na that kid belongs to Hollywood. The very top of Hollywood, cos how’s he so calm?”

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@Ntingana: “My only question is how is this kid cooperating in this?”

@Jag_ubani: “The kid has to be a paid actor.”

@VendaVendor: “Now I want to see them walk in the streets at night and share reactions of people on some Jalals ‘run’.”

@Sam_Blade_: “When I was a kid, I thought this would work to into age restricted places. But a least good with a detachable mustache.”

@Sliimzy12: “Leave your son with their dads at your own peril so cute.”

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