A misspelled road sign in Cape Town has gone viral.
Image via Twitter

The irony! Misspelled school road sign leaves SA in stitches

‘School is needed for whoever painted that’: One amused South African posted on social media of this viral Cape Town misspelled road sign.


A misspelled road sign in Cape Town has gone viral.
Image via Twitter

A misspelled road sign in Hanover Park, Cape Town, has gone viral for its obvious error. But adding insult to injury is the location of the epic failure – outside a school!

But whilst South Africans are howling at the irony of it, a local ward councillor claims the spelling error was a “simple human mistake”


On social media, a picture of a misspelled road sign in Blomvei Road, Hanover Park had South Africans amused.

The sign reads “shcool” instead of “school”

But whilst the local government has come under fire for the faux pas, local ward councillor Zahid Badroodien claims the road marking was an “honest mistake”. He also claims the error was quickly rectified.

Speaking to News24, he said of the road sign: “The mistake in Blomvlei Road was quickly picked up on the same day by people on the ground and they corrected it immediately.

He added: “There may be some frustration with the fact it was made in the first place and some people are suggesting wastage of money, but the fact that it was immediately fixed shows how responsive we are in attending to mistakes.”

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Unsurprisingly, South Africans found the humour in the questionable road sign. Others claimed they expected nothing less from Mzansi.

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

Luvo Mugabe Jnr Ndlumbini: “Knowing how they speak and pronounce English words in Hanover. This is not incorrect, they spelled it exactly how they pronounce it”

Ephraim Mathapo: “That’s how it is pronounced in the absence of incisors. It’s accurate”

Livhuhani Winnie Mutengwe: “School is needed for whoever wrote that”

Susanna Langenhoven: “Don’t worry too much. With the 30% pass rate, not many people will even notice”

Storm Deeks Eaglestone: “The irony. If we don’t laugh we’ll lose it. Honestly”

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