Zozibini Tunzi Siya Kolisi SONA 2020

Photo: Miss Universe / Twitter

SONA 2020: Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi may be ‘reunited’ with Siya Kolisi

Two of South Africa’s biggest winners are both set to attend SONA 2020 this evening, and the paths of Zozi Tunzi and Siya Kolisi should cross once more.

Zozibini Tunzi Siya Kolisi SONA 2020

Photo: Miss Universe / Twitter

Siya Kolisi and Zozi Tunzi have been confirmed as guests at SONA 2020 when President Cyril Ramaphosa tables government’s plans for the year. They will join a full house of the National Assembly, with over 2 000 guests and media personnel taking their seats for this momentous occasion.

The pair famously met back in November, shortly after the Springboks became rugby’s world champions. South Africa captain Kolisi, carrying the Webb-Ellis trophy with him and beaming a grin from ear-to-ear, was mobbed by just about everyone on the ground. God, what a great time it was…

When Zozi Tunzi met Siya Kolisi

Airport staff, journalists, photographers and fans all clambered towards the Bok. After shuffling through the crowds, something – or, someone – seemed to catch his eye. It was, of course, the reigning Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi, and Siya’s reaction to seeing her was absolutely priceless: We got a double-take, the warm smile and one cheerful embrace all at the same time – and that cheeky flash of the Webb-Ellis cup was priceless.

Who is attending SONA 2020?

Furthermore, it has also been established that Zozi Tunzi will be entering Parliament along with Cyril Ramaphosa this evening – meaning she’s getting a level above the star treatment. Siya Kolisi may not get the presidential presentation, but he is likely to check-in with his fellow Eastern Caper at the political event of the year. Our homegrown Miss Universe has also been speaking about her expectations for the evening:

“I’m hoping that I can hear more about what will be done for the protection of women and the education system. Especially in places like the Eastern Cape. I also want to know what the plan is for our power cuts, and I’m hoping they do have something up their sleeve to work it out.

Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi