Somebody made a proudly South

Somebody made a proudly South African emoji pack and it’s kind of great


Somebody made a proudly South

We all use emoji’s to communicate without words from time to time. This little dude ???? can say so many different things depending on the context. And while we mostly get by with what we’ve got, we’re lacking a truly ???????? spin on the emojis.

Or at least we did because SA Emoji is changing all that. According to the app:

“The words and phrases will not only help South Africans to say what they mean but also serve to foster deeper learnings of the different cultures and understanding of each other.”

“The emojis cater for a wide variety of spheres of everyday life from sport, culture, wildlife, politics, traffic signs, local lingo across languages and many others truly South African images (monuments, scenery and landscapes).”

“In developing this app we want the input of South Africans, visit our web page and suggest new emoji’s or tell us your favourite one, also ask for explanation of those you may not understand.”

So be lekker and download the app from the App Store and Google Play store, share it with friends and get emoji-ing the Mzansi way. Please note – having had a quick glance at the reviews on Android, there seems to be a few issues with this version. But don’t be kak, be kiff and send the developer your feedback so that he knows how to fix it.