Nick Evan nabs snake found in Durban river

Nick Evan nabs snake found in Durban river
Image via Instagram

‘Snake Season’ star nabs ‘well-fed’ black mamba in Durban river [photos]

It’s snake mating season! Experts are warning Durban residents about groups of snakes that can be found together during the warm weather…

Nick Evan nabs snake found in Durban river

Nick Evan nabs snake found in Durban river
Image via Instagram

Chatsworth residents in Durban were overjoyed after popular snake catcher Nick Evans finally nabbed a black mamba that had been living in a river near their homes

The star of DStv’s Snake Season documented his journey after catching the 2.7m snake in an informal settlement in the suburb.

And it’s not the first time the reality TV star has caught a large black mamba in the same area!


Earlier this year, Nick Evans – who runs the KZN Amphibian and Reptile Conservation – caught a black mamba in trees surrounding the settlement.

He said in a social media post: “I had been to this same informal settlement in January, where I caught a massive mamba in a tree. It wrapped around my neck.”

This time, Nick found the snake “basking” in a polluted river behind the settlement.

He continued: “This made my heart sink, because I knew I had to either get close to, or in the water. As it turned out, the best way to get to the mamba, was from below, where I had to climb up a waterfall.

“I grabbed the mamba just as it was moving into a thicket. It was a tough catch, but I eventually got the beast. It was far bigger than I expected!”

Nick Evans

“Didn’t look that big from my initial viewpoint, but I could only see the front third of the body”.

Nick Evans claims the snake was “well fed”.

“It’s been a resident for a few weeks, and had survived people throwing rocks at it. It will be sad not having an abundance of rats, but where it’s going, there will be food, and a litter-free environment. The community were delighted, and very grateful!”


According to Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett from another NatGeo show called Snakes in the City, warmer weather in the country has signaled in snake mating season

And this means that two or more snakes can be found together!

Siouxsie, a professionally trained herpetologist, told IOL: “Often people see two or more snakes together and think they are mating, however, they were likely two males fighting for dominance.”

According to Simon, female snakes produced a strong scent that attracted droves of male snakes.

He added: “So during the mating season this could attract a whole mass of snakes who all end up fighting for her. Quite a scary sight for an untrained eye, so always call in an expert.”

Simon Keys

KZN based Nick Evans can be reached on 072-809-5806, while Snakes in the City have a hotline for snake removals; 063 234 6932.

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