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Mrs Polokwane 2020 turns her lockdown skipping hobby into fast-growing business

Mrs Polokwane 2020 started her business after taking skipping as a lockdown hobby.


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What started as a lockdown hobby, and then a social media challenge during Level 5, turned into a fast-growing skipping rope business for this mum of two.

The entrepreneur also assisted people to shed some kilograms through skipping. Today, her skipping ropes are in demand across South Africa.

Mrs Polokwane 2020, Mapula Legodi

Lockdown brings out the best in some people

Lockdown gave Mrs Polokwane 2020, Mapula Legodi (31) more time to think. It forced her to start a fast-growing business, selling bottles with skipping ropes safely wrapped inside.

“It is quite interesting how I started this unplanned lockdown business. I started skipping when the lockdown started as a way of replacing my travelling time. I use to travel in and out of my Polokwane neighborhood almost every day, about 320km, before lockdown,” explained Legodi.

She said the plan was to replace her travelling time with everything she always said she didn’t have time for, and by default skipping became a routine she adopted.

Getting started with skipping

Mrs Polokwane created hype on social media with her skipping challenge. People followed her challenges and she lost weight in the process, as did her followers, through skipping.

“The demand of skipping ropes was huge. Most of them were now sold out in local stores. I then started hunting for them and branded them #skippythebottleofconfidence. In one week, I sold 100 bottles of skipping ropes.

“I saw results that motivated me. But more importantly it tied in very well with what I’m am about as a brand — The Confident Activator,” she said.

Legodi believes skipping is a fully body workout.

Who is this skipping sensation?

Legodi was born in the village of Botlokwa but now resides in a Polokwane suburb.

She established her own brand, Creative Command and Let’s Talk Vintage. She started selling vintage clothes in 2015 then ventured into coaching and speaking in 2019.

“Now I sell skipping ropes,” she said.

Legodi was also awarded Women for Jesus Authentic Woman of the Year 2020 . She is described as a passionate speaker who easily wins others over by her communication strengths that stimulate conversations to connect and inspire.

Also an image shaper and life coach, this PR graduate is an internationally certified business professional in customer service and has been a graphic designer for over 10 years.

She said as a Confidence Activator her job is to influence people to become their most amazing authentic self by normalising confidence.

She entered for a pageant as a pastor and six months postpartum to advocate for moms with insecurities. She wanted them to know that they can be and do whatever they want, and for the church girl to arise and take up space beyond the pulpit.

Legodi believes in people taking charge of their lives, speaking up and being heard. She believes inIntentionally normalising confidence to reduce low self-esteem.

She also believes that the future is not fixed and she therefore adapts easily.

“I breathe life into other people’s dreams as a visionary, a natural leader with a talent for getting things done, moving beyond just the vision to execution, allowing my strengths to make my weaknesses irrelevant,” she said.

Legodi said she is a self-starter, a risk-taker and able to influence how people see things and get started.