Watch: Siya Kolisi welcomes Ro

Photo: SiyaKolisi_Bear/Twitter

Watch: Siya Kolisi welcomes Roger Federer to Cape Town [video]

Siya Kolisi welcomed Roger Federer to Cape Town at a sponsor’s meeting and even played a bit of tennis against the tennis legend.

Watch: Siya Kolisi welcomes Ro

Photo: SiyaKolisi_Bear/Twitter

Stormers skipper and Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi recently welcomed tennis legend Roger Federer to Cape Town.

The pair even played a little bit of tennis at a sponsor’s event at the Mount Nelson Hotel in central Cape Town on 6 February 2020.

Match in Africa

The meeting comes after Federer organised a special Match in Africa charity match between himself and Rafael Nadal at Cape Town Stadium on 7 February 2020. It is said that they are hoping to raise more than $1 million (over R14 million) for the Roger Federer Foundation that supports early childhood education in six African countries and Switzerland.

The two tennis legends, who will be joined by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, also want to break the world record for attendance at a tennis match.[0]=68.ARCuhqi1MKedxCTN7OxDcra3346GfCzjzE6CQUnbVVBlH9YkeZUXjrTFxQQhNh_5B_LPnFBCjNACcLMG94-83xEgozSj5-HR1ijOKnOV1OCTqARIXO4pzFaEMGE02DQLN20Sa9c9KB7313Q94eWY5Dw0CSOmzh6xsZundPDzHGDS3Irq5JsswNL7vUu0k2Pa7PtSxelRVm_1x52OuSYQ_sAFrh8Geh33Zn9VZc-OUs3kXfCm7nE8aOkLIuSCai5wCwL-8sLwGBptLyELA5ubMsWvTvFSZ84cfnsFMlshU-hZExPSpBCjiQBwhYeqA17aX8grw95SiLmOMSseZA7dtkhMo3dzOQ&__tn__=-R

Kolisi vs Federer

The 28-year-old loose forward, who was injured after just 25 minutes of last Saturday’s 27-0 victory over the Hurricanes at Newlands, and has been ruled out for between six and eight weeks with a knee ligament problem, took to Twitter to share some pictures and a special video with Federer, saying:

“A true sporting icon. Your words continue to inspire me and have been an important part of my journey. It was an honour for me to welcome you to Cape Town.”

Backing the Boks

In 2019, Federer voiced his support for the Springboks at the Rugby World Cup. Federer’s mother is South African and he reportedly practised scrums with his dad when was young…but apparently he won’t be the best ‘rugby guy’.

At the time Kolisi sat down with CNN to talk about the final rugby clash against England.

The Springbok captain talked about the upcoming match and the diversity of the team. And of course all of the high profile fans backing the Boks, like Federer.

Federer eventually left a special message at CNN for the Springboks:

“Let’s go Springboks! I know you guys can do it and I’m supporting you guys. I’m not your number one fan becasue I don’t know all the rules, but I will be supporting you.”

Federer went on to say that he will be the worst ‘rugby guy ever’.

The 20-time grand slam tennis champion was later also quizzed on the game of rugby and surprisingly, it did not go as badly as expected.

Kolisi reacts to Federer’s message of support:

Kolisi was very happy to see the message from Federer saying ‘it is amazing’.

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