Siya and Rachel Kolisi dance off

Image via: @SiyaKolisi_Bear / Twitter

Watch: Siya Kolisi drops dance moves, shows Rachel how it’s done

Springboks Captain Siya Kolisi has attempted to teach his wife Rachel how to dance. Mzansi can’t get enough of its power couple.

Siya and Rachel Kolisi dance off

Image via: @SiyaKolisi_Bear / Twitter

Springboks Captain Siya Kolisi uploaded a video onto his Twitter timeline on Thursday 13 August and boy, are we satisfied entertainment-wise. The one minute, 30-second video essentially shows Siya trying to teach Rachel how to dance, a scene we just can’t pass up.

Siya, while releasing the video, said: “Caption this please” which has the masses even more fascinated. 


The playful video consists of smiling, laughing and playful groping which we’re always here for.

In the video, Siya Kolisi can be seen showing Rachel how to move her hips and how to swing her arms. She smiles lovingly throughout the process — what a champ.

Both Siya and Rachel are in what appears to be their home, casually dressed. Siya is wearing green shorts and a crew neck while Rachel is dressed warmly in what appears to be a black tracksuit with a thick grey beanie. 

Siya can be heard over the music saying; “just relax, chill” as he breaks it down.

From that moment on, Rachel Kolisi starts moving her entire body to the beat. She watches Siya for directions but totally gets into it. 

She then tries a new move, which according to Siya, goes horribly wrong, as he jokingly says; “I wash my hands”. Laughter can be heard until the video ends. 


While Siya and Rachel play hard, they also work hard and we love them for it. Enter the Kolisi Foundation. Its main focus during this time is to provide sustainable food relief to South Africans, especially focusing on child-headed households, orphans and the vulnerable.

To respond to the increased levels of food insecurity, the Kolisi Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Imbumba Foundation have partnered on an initiative called #Each1Feed1. The initiative intends on supporting families for a minimum of three months to combat food insecurity.

With partnerships, the initiative is able to provide food for a family for a month at a cost of R600. These food parcels include sanitizer and masks for the family.

According to their website, the Kolisi Foundation was able to assist Livingston, Khayelitsha, Eerste River and Groote Schuur Hospital with a few essential items. In total the following items were provided:

  • 5 000 litres Sanitizers
  • 4 000 FFP2 Certified Respirator Face-masks
  • 1 500 Visors; and 
  • 1 000 Masks (for breastfeeding mothers in NICU).