This hotel is receiving fresh criticism online. Image via YouTube: @EmoyaHotel

Shantytown hotel that offered a ‘poverty experience’ causes outrage…again

A ‘shantytown’ hotel made from shacks that offered guests an authentic poverty experience has received fresh criticism online.


This hotel is receiving fresh criticism online. Image via YouTube: @EmoyaHotel

More than 10 years ago, a Bloemfontein hotel made headlines after the idea behind it garnered criticism from South Africans who thought the idea behind it was in bad taste. The hotel offered upper-class visitors an “authentic poverty experience” by letting guests sleep in shacks that closely resemble the actual homes of a large percentage of South Africans.

After attracting criticism, the idea was scrapped but it has just gone viral again on Facebook as many people express their shock that such an idea was ever thought of.

Bloemfontein hotel goes viral years after its shantytown hotel idea flopped

In 2012, a Bloemfontein hotel made headlines across South Africa as many locals expressed their dislike of the idea, which allowed wealthy tourists to experience poverty life.

The hotel, which was made up of the same kind of metal sheet shacks found in many impoverished shantytowns in South Africa, and was equipped with donkey geysers and long-drop outdoor toilets to help visitors get the “full African experience.”

Needless to say, it was soon shut down and dismissed as a bad idea but this hasn’t stopped people from looking back at it with even more disgust and contempt.

The people are still upset

On Tuesday 5 April this week, a Facebooker headed to the app to share photos of the hotel which was called the Emoya Hotel and Spa.

In the caption, the poster explained that the hotel was built to help wealthy people experience poverty.

According to Daily Sun, this did not sit well with many local Facebookers who found the idea repulsive and stated that it was disgusting that rich people were paying to live like poor people.

One person, Tabisa Tolom wrote:

“I am curious, after experiencing this “poverty life” at this hotel, will it change how wealthy people see black people struggling on a daily and try to help better their lives or is it for aimless fun at the expense of real people who live in shacks?”

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