Intimacy and trust

Trust and intimacy are key to a healthy relationship. Image: File photo

Top five tips to nurture trust and intimacy in your relationship

Healthy relationships thrive on a good measure of trust and intimacy. Here’s how to get both of these into play.

Intimacy and trust

Trust and intimacy are key to a healthy relationship. Image: File photo

Relationships are certainly not a walk in the park, and today more than ever, a great number of relationships break down without due diligence.  One of the major contributors to the breakdown could be a lack of quality time that is needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Whether you are just starting out in a relationship or you have been with your partner for years, there is always a need for a solid foundation that includes trust and intimacy.


Achieving a satisfactory work-life balance is a difficult thing to do as the absence of this often places couples under immense pressure which eventually takes a toll on a relationship.

“It’s difficult to foster intimacy and trust, especially when life gets busy or stress builds up,” said founder and director of Gateway Healing Dr Chandni Tugnait MD (Alternative Medicines), who is also a psychotherapist, life coach, business coach, NLP expert and healer.

“Feelings of intimacy and trust are essential for a healthy relationship. While most couples understand the importance of nurturing these components, there often needs to be more connection between understanding the concept and putting it into practice.” Tugnait said, per Hindustan Times.

Top five tips to strengthen trust and intimacy in relationships.


Effective communication is the key to a successful relationship. When we feel heard and understood, it creates a sense of safety within the relationship.

Instead of bottling up emotions or lashing out in anger when things go wrong, rather practise open communication with your partner by expressing yourself honestly and respectfully.

This will show your partner that you trust them enough to be vulnerable and creates an environment where both individuals can feel safe.


It is very easy to become busy and to prioritise life’s demands over your significant other.  One often gets swamped while just doing life. It is essential to set aside time for just you and your partner.

Whether it is having a date night or enjoying some quiet time together at home, spending quality time together can help strengthen your bond and reignite feelings of intimacy.


It is important to make your partner aware that you value them being in your life.  This also helps to foster intimacy in the relationship.

Supporting each other’s goals and dreams and being genuinely interested in what they want to achieve shifts the focus away from the mundane aspects of life, towards something that fosters joy and purpose.

This can strengthen your connection as a couple and bring joy into both of your lives.


Boundaries are important for emotional growth in a healthy relationship. Try to respect each other’s boundaries by giving each other space when required.

Aim to do this without taking it offense or doubting your partner. If there is an issue that must be tackled, don’t be afraid to ask questions as communication is the key.


Remember to include a healthy dose of romance in the relationship. Intimacy is not purely physical, it’s also emotional. Be sure to make time for romantic gestures like cuddling, kissing, holding hands and so forth.

These special acts will give you both something to look forward to. Moreover, they can remind us why we fell in love with our partners in the first place.

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