Fancy someone at the gym? Here’s what to do. Image: Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio.

Ever heard of a #gymcrush? It’s TikTok’s latest viral trend, try it!

Fancy someone at the gym but still trying to figure out what to do next? Here’s how to score a date with your #gymcrush. It’s all the rage.


Fancy someone at the gym? Here’s what to do. Image: Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio.

Yes, you read it. #gymcrush is currently trending on TikTok with a staggering 5.7 billion views and counting. But what is it exactly? Here’s what we know.

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Ever heard of a #gymcrush? Yes, it’s technically exactly what you think it is – a crush at the gym. The latest trend to take TikTok by storm sees users posting clips of clever ways to attract their gym crush. These clever quips range from “,Hey can you spot me” to “struggling” to use a machine, hoping their crush would help. 

But does it work?

According to the fitness experts at bulk.commore people should try out the trend.

Ditch the dating apps and ask your #gymcrush out. Here’s how. Image: Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio.

As a sports nutritionist at bulk.com says: “It’s time to ditch the dating apps and search for love interests in the flesh. 

“Having a gym crush will not only motivate you to work out more but will also take away any potential disappointment of meeting someone from a dating app who doesn’t end up being what you hoped for in person.”

“And, of course, you can already tick off one hobby you both have in common,” he adds. 

Although women may feel like they don’t look their best in the gym, with their hair tied back, less to no makeup, and most likely breaking a sweat. But a lot of men will find the ‘gym look’ just as attractive.

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Thinking of trying out the trend?

Here’s what to do:

Stage one: Initial smile  

The first stage of a potential gym crush is an acknowledging smile as you walk past each other. This smile can also be from the next machine or across the room. Either way, it is to show you have both acknowledged each other. 

Stage two: Small talk 

The second step is a little small talk. You may both be picking dumbbells from the rack at the same time, which is the perfect opportunity to say a simple “hey!” Whilst this may still seem very friendly and polite, it is a good stepping stone to a potential further gym crush. 

Stage three: Brief conversation 

This is where either the girl or the guy will initiate a little more conversation. Whilst this can still be related to the gym, such as “Hey, what are you training today?”, it shows a little more interest from one party- which is always a good sign! 

Stage four: ‘Spotting’  

Spotting is a phrase being widely used recently. In weight or resistance training, it is a term to describe someone supporting another person during a certain exercise, helping them to lift or push more than they could normally do safely. 

Spotting will often require closer or physical contact and is a great opportunity to see if there is any connection or chemistry between the two of you. 

Stage five: Exchanging numbers or social media handles 

After several small encounters, exchanging personal contact details is the final step in pursuing a ‘gym crush.’ This is where you can take communication outside of the gym and perhaps get to know each other on a deeper level. 

Whether it be flirtatious messaging or just a friendly chat about your next workout sessions, at least you will achieve your workout goals in the process! 

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