Gwyneth Paltrow

Plaintiff says Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash changed his ‘essence’
Image: Leon Bennett | Getty Images | AFP

Goop goop! Gwyneth Paltrow says having kids ‘ruins’ relationships

In a recent Goop podcast, Gwyneth Paltrow sat down with singer Katy Perry to talk about life…and dropped a bombshell about children.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Plaintiff says Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash changed his ‘essence’
Image: Leon Bennett | Getty Images | AFP

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her sometimes rather controversial ideas. But, it’s her latest opinion about children that have many feeling hot under the collar.

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In a recent interview on her Goop podcast, actress and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow chatted to the singer Katy Perry about her experiences as a mother. Perry shares a two-year old daughter with her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom.

Paltrow and Perry “got real” about the true impact of parenting and children on relationships, Glamour UK reports.

The actress shared some of the life lessons she’s learnt from her parenting experience.

“It’s hard on a relationship,” she said. “Like I’ve looked back now on like the data set of parents with young kids. It just ruins the relationship.”

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Katy Perry dishes on her personal growth, relationship with Orlando Bloom and parenting. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris | Getty Images for The Met Museum | AFP.

Perry agrees and responded with her own take on parenting, saying it is important for both parents to play an active role in the upbringing of their children.

“I think if both people in the relationship are willing to do the work then it’s going to be so much easier,” Perry explained. “But if one person thinks they don’t have any work to do then it’s going be really challenging.”


Paltrow also spoke about her “crazy” labour experience with her first child, Apple. She shares her daughter with Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin.

The actress calls is ‘horrific’, having a seizure and passing out during the birthing process.

But, it’s not all bad, she says.

During the canny discussion, she described how Apple’s birth changed her life forever.

“I never felt lonely again after I had her [Apple],” she said. “And I had felt profoundly lonely in my life”.

While the Goop podcast covers a range of topics, parenting is definitely well-trodden ground. When Kim Kardashian appeared on the podcast, she talked relationships and kids, admitting that she would be open to marrying again – even after her messy public divorce from rapper  Kanye West.

“I have this fantasy in my head, like fourth time’s a charm. It’s going to work out,” Kardashian said. When they delved into the possibility of more kids, she said: “Whatever is meant to be will be”.

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