Seven reasons the Gilmore Girl

Seven reasons the Gilmore Girls revival is everything we needed from 2016

Netflix will be dropping four new episodes of Gilmore Girls on November 25th.

Seven reasons the Gilmore Girl

Sixteen years since the very first episode of the hit series Gilmore Girls aired, the show will finally make its long-awaited return to the screen.

In case you haven’t heard,  Netflix will be dropping four new episodes on November 25th and its safe to say that fans cannot wait for the premier of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life any longer

The series, which last aired in 2007, introduced fans to Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory, together in a small, quirky town called Stars Hollow.

Here are seven reasons 2016 would’ve been better off if we’d had the Gilmore Girls in our lives:

  1. Teenage drama television shows were the best when the show first aired

Shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The O.C., 7th Heaven and of course, Gilmore Girls were everything. Now fans have the chance to watch it all over again and reminisce. Fans were obsessed with Gilmore Girls – and they still are. They totally freaked when Netflix also released season one to seven during the month of October.

2. Stars Hollow will always be home

The fictional small town in Connecticut is both quirky and charming. The NY Times calls it a “civic formula that has proved elusive for fans who have sought a real-life version to move to”. Sean Gunn, who plays Kirk, also commented and said Stars Hollow is “an idealized version of the way a small town could function.”

The town’s focal point is a pictureperfect square featuring a gazebo, surrounded by streets lined up with family-owned businesses, an old-fashioned soda shop, a cozy inn and of course Luke’s Diner where Lorelai would get her coffee fix on a daily basis.

3. Speaking of Luke’s Diner

Netflix transformed 200 coffee shops across the country to look like Luke’s diner from the show. The pop-ups almost looked exactly like the real deal.

4. The characters are totally relatable

Gilmore Girls features some dynamic characters. Rory, who’s kind of a nerd (she made reading cool), Lorelai, a single mother who raised her daughter away from her conservative parents, the eccentric best friend, Sookie and of course all of their love interests.

4. Lorelai, need we say more?

In the revival you’ll able to see Lorelai in all her colorful, and not at all conventional glory… again!

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5. Lorelai and Rory made the best pop culture references

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6. Fans might finally get some closure.

The feel of the show was mainly due to the creative minds of its creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino. The 7th season didn’t, according to various reports, end on the right note because the duo walked away before the final season after negotiations with Warner Bros. Studios went awry. Hopefully, the revival will give fans some closure.

7. Everyone gets a second chance at dreaming about the perfect mother-daughter relationship.

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