Saint Lounge

Saint Lounge Cape Town has threatened a second installment of their ‘most wanted’ list.
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Saint Lounge threatens more receipts: SA waits with bated breath

‘Please also post slay queens’: One follower requested following Saint Lounge Cape Town’s announcement of another ‘most wanted’ list.

Saint Lounge

Saint Lounge Cape Town has threatened a second installment of their ‘most wanted’ list.
Image via Facebook

Saint Lounge Cape Town has promised South Africa the second installment of their “name and shame” event – and excitement is rapidly building…

Over the weekend, the popular hot spot shared a “most-wanted” list of patrons who had fled the establishment without paying

And it’s about to go down tonight (Wednesday) as Saint Lounge has promised more receipts.

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On Sunday night, Saint Lounge posted pics of four “regulars” who had dodged their drinks bills. Whilst only one made arrangements to pay – and had his pic subsequently taken down – three more remain on their “most wanted list”

But the nightclub has claimed that there are more names and pics they want to make public.

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In a statement posted on their social media feeds, Saint Lounge thanked South Africans for helping them put pressure on patrons who had evaded payment.

But the lounge appealed for more help in getting the word around. They shared: “There are 15 customers still owing us, and we have reached out to them. But they haven’t responded and we want to grab their attention.

“To the clients who still owe us, you have less than 24 hours to reach out to us. Should you not comply, we will post you tomorrow at 7pm sharp with the amount you owe”.

And issuing a warning to the three men whose faces still appear on their social media pages, the statement continued: “To those that we have posted already, we will continue to post you each week until you have cleared your outstanding bill”.

Saint Lounge Cape Town
The popular Cape Town hot spot has shared plans of another ‘most wanted’ list reveal. Image via Facebook


Like their first “expose”, social media users expressed their excitement at what announcements lay ahead on the Saint Lounge social media platforms

Here is what a few followers had to say:

@mckayworld: “Don’t know which one I’m more excited about. This movie or Black Panther 2

@sirrr.blonded: “Here’s what we want .1 Pics 2.Videos as we need to see how people rock on credit 3 . The amount please”

@Ashleighmokgoshi: “And don’t post them every 30 minutes. Post ALL of them at ONCE”

@marievictoirekobo: “You guys should start a reality show. Please also post slay queens tonight: those who didn’t pay”

@dj__roz: “We are invested! See you tonight”

@bustav: “I am here for this madness! Season 2 let’s gooooo”