SA township artist set to exhi

SA township artist set to exhibit his work in London this month

Lebogang Kenneth Motsagi is a name you will want to remember. The artist has gone from humble beginnings to London exhibitions.

SA township artist set to exhi

Twenty-two-year-old Motsagi of Galeshwe, a township in Kimberley, is a self-taught fashion designer, stylist, artist and freelance photographer.

Despite a very difficult childhood, during which he lost his parents and his grandparents, Motsagi has managed to live out his dreams after years of dedication and hard work.

Motsagi believes that not only did his childhood shape who he is today, the sadness it held is seen as a blessing, as it gave Motsagi a sense of purpose and a desire to excel.

After matriculating in 2014, Motsagi enrolled at Cape Town University of Technology in 2015 to study design but he later dropped out. In 2016, he studied at the Cape Town College of Fashion Design.

“I see things in my mind that I would like to create. When I wake up I put myself under pressure of wanting to create all these things at once, but I don’t have enough time. That’s why I’m not so academic.”

Motsagi moved to Cape Town in 2016 and, with the help of his brother, began his journey towards success, but he credits his grandfather for the ‘look’ his work achieves.

“My brother taught me how to thread the machine and from there on he let me do things myself.

My fashion sense is mostly inspired by old people because the last person that I had to look after me was my grandfather. I spent a lot of time with him, the way he dressed, the way he spoke and acted inspired my vintage work.”

Motsagi’s work is not so much about looking good, but rather an expression of his feelings.

“Besides clothing, I also do photography, which focuses on fine art and fashion. It deals more with the individual’s inside than the physical, hence my brand’s slogan, The Blaq Room, is Fabrics have Feelings Too.”

Details of the exhibition: 

Dates: 8 – 20 November 2017

Venue: The Brick Lane Gallery

For more information, please visit the Facebook events page.