This woman and her family mistook marijuana for spinach. Images via TikTok/Unsplash: @princessdee

SA family gets high as a kite after mistaking marijuana for spinach [watch]

LOL! A young South African woman and her family recently got higher than ever after eating marijuana which they thought was spinach.


This woman and her family mistook marijuana for spinach. Images via TikTok/Unsplash: @princessdee

A South African TikToker left thousands of people laughing their butts off after she shared a bizarre accident that happened to her and her family. In the hilarious clip, she explains how she and her family members ate a ton of marijuana thinking that it was morogo (spinach).

This resulted in the bunch of them acting out of character as the effect of the marijuana kicked in.

SA family eats marijuana after thinking its spinach

A young woman and a few of her family members were left feeling all sorts of high after they all ate some spinach that turned out to be marijuana.

Taking to her TikTok page, she shared a clip of them showing all the usual signs of people who had just consumed weed. While some of them appeared sleepy and slower than usual, others had “the munchies” and were just looking for their next snack.

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“We ate some kind of marijuana thinking it’s morogo and now we are all high.”

“We don’t even know what we are doing, the next minute we are laughing, the next minute we are walking around, next minute we are so busy, I don’t know what is even happening.” says the unidentified lady.

Meanwhile, she called her grandmother to come and help out. Her gogo comes shortly but there isn’t much she can do for any of them except laugh.

Netizens are howling

Needless to say the marijuana incident left social media users laughing their butts off.

@Clivovo_Masinga said:

“The husband is partially dead.”

@PulengKagiso said:

“Mara die bra wa bvd… What kind of man gets knocked out by weed like that?”

@pumlawilbon said:

“It’s the mom trying to get into her husband’s phone for me.”

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