Rugs Original: The 2020/2021 r

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Rugs Original: The 2020/2021 ranges has arrived

(Partner Content) Rugs Original is dedicated to supplying some of the most varied and unique selections from this finely crafted industry to homes and retail spaces across South Africa.

Rugs Original: The 2020/2021 r

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The Rugs Original team prides itself on providing a varied and unique range of quality floor coverings across its product offering. 

Evolving from one of the oldest industries in the world, the carpet market is diverse and filled with a rich history of products that have each developed over time from fascinating regions across the world. 

The Rugs Original range includes indoor and outdoor machine-made carpets, a vibrant kid’s selection, washable carpets and a large selection of Persian and Oriental rugs. 

With the introduction of a vibrant and interactive concept store, customers can explore the complete range conveniently at one online platform, so that finding the perfect floor covering for every space is made easier and more accessible than ever. 

As such, Rugs Original customers can explore this rich selection from the comfort of their own homes, and stay updated on new additions and ideas across their social media pages.

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Persian and Oriental Rugs

Rugs Original’s Persian and Oriental range boasts products of exquisite detail and craftsmanship, sourced directly from suppliers in a region which has become synonymous with creating some of the most beautiful floor coverings in the world. 

Included in this selection are Afghan Aaqcha, Nain, and Persian Kashan rugs. 

Afghan Aaqcha rugs are a more simply woven version of the renowned Khal Mohammadi rug design, and as such are an affordable though exquisite addition to any space. 

Recognized most notably for their often-rich red hues, these hand knotted wool rugs are woven in the northern regions of Afghanistan, around the Aq Chah region and between Ankoy and Mazar-i-Sharif. 

Exquisitely hand-crafted, these warm, earthy-toned rugs create a welcoming atmosphere, and are typically woven using the ‘gul’ or ‘fil pai’ (elephant prints) adapted from the Ersari and Turkmen weavers’ heritage.

As such, these entry-level priced rugs allow collectors, designers and homemakers to introduce rich tones to interior spaces while integrating the heritage work of one of the most fascinating regions on earth. 

Nain rugs derive from the picturesque city of Nain in Iran, close to the western edge of the great desert Dasht-e-Kavir. These rugs have become much beloved around the world for their singular and striking patterns, often circulating around a central medallion with arabesques and floral motifs.

Kashan rugs have been crafted in Iran since the 17th century, and are often instantly recognisable as some of the most beautiful and famous of all of Iran’s woven floor coverings, with the singular design of a central medallion in a crimson field surrounded by a navy or ivory border. 

Masterpieces of craftsmanship, Kashan rugs make a luxurious and distinguishable addition to any décor setting, and each of these carpets in the Rugs Original selection is handmade. 

Outdoor Rugs

The Rugs Original Outdoor Ranges are available in a wide variety of colours and designs, from simple and stylish effects to modern pieces that enhance and beautify patios and other outdoor living areas. 

Recognizing the extent to which South Africans love to entertain outdoors, Rugs Original allows customers to effectively create an outdoor space with the welcoming effect of an indoor room, adding a unique touch with these durable and washable rugs. 

Adding rugs to an outdoor space, can truly tie the entire area together, and create a truly welcoming environment 

Kids Rugs

New to the Rugs Original stable, is Kids Original, offers a selection of delightful and playful designs which bring warmth and joy to children’s spaces. 

These rugs can be selected for a range of children’s needs, and include spill proof, play grip, reversible and ultra-soft options. 

The addition of any of these rugs creates a kids space which is comforting, fun, and conveniently adaptable to the requirements of playtime.

Whether for a nursey, a child’s bedroom, or the bedroom of a teen or tween, the Rugs Original and Kids Original collections seamlessly integrate to provide the perfect options for any room in any home.

Machine Washable Rugs

New to the Rugs Original stable are a host of Machine Washable rugs. These new generation rugs have been borne from the desire of consumers to be presented with an easy solution for carpet care in the home, that would allow them the option of a home remedy to life’s little accidents. 

These new machine washable & tumble dryer-proof ranges, makes them party-proof, shoe-proof, clumsy-proof & pet-proof. 

Made of one single material, 100% polypropylene or 100% polyester, these rugs are leading the way for modern living. 

Concept Store

To make it easier to find the perfect fit for your design space, Rugs Original has introduced an online concept store that provides a wealth of inspiration.

Beginning the transition period in 2015, the Rugs Original business model fundamentally shifted, to find a balance between traditional retail, and an online solution, that would allow the physical bricks-and-motor spatial requirements to be reduced, and greater customer satisfaction. Marrying the two together, would create a seamless, fully integrated solution for the business, that would provide customers with choices best suited to their preferences.  

The reduction of retail spaces from big-box stores, to concept stores, showcasing a single size curve of every rug across the Rugs Original ranges, allowed customers the ability to visit a more personal retail outlet, yet still be able to see, touch and feel the rug of their choice, order it online, and have it delivered to their doors. 

Embodying a lifestyle of beauty, style, and affordability, this concept store immerses you in a world of beauty and allows you to engage with the potential of each piece, while concurrently introducing you to a design community that strives to enhance their spaces with new ideas. 

Using the years of experience which Rugs Original has crafted in the design industry, modern rugs are matched expertly with sleek interiors, vintage Persians are accented with plush furnishings, and living rooms are brought to life with deep Ngunis to celebrate our South African heritage. 

The addition of this concept store is just another way that Rugs Original strives to provide each customer with a unique, easy and enjoyable shopping experience, and bring you straight to the perfect floor covering for every space. 

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