insurance tourism Restaurant closes down

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‘Astronomical influx’ of rude customers results in restaurant closing

A restaurant called Apt Cape Cod decided to close for a ‘day of kindness’ after staff members were reduced to tears by rude customers.

insurance tourism Restaurant closes down

Image via Unsplash

If you were ever a waiter or waitress or even a chef, you know that working in the customer service business is not always a walk in the park.

Staff members at the Cape Cod restaurant can attest to this after they were subjected to a number of insults and rude remarks from their customers.

Mouthy customers equals unhappy staffers

Apt Cape Cod, an American restaurant, shared a Facebook post on 8 July regarding an issue with rude diners.

According to the heartbreaking post, the restaurant closed its doors for that day because of an influx of customers who were not at all considerate of the needs of those who were serving them their delicious sea food.

In their post, they write how the staff were usually treated with kindness and gratitude. However, recently, many staff members were subjected to insults vulgar language and even threats which resulted in many of the staff members crying and emotional.

‘Many of our guests and patrons treat us with kindness and understanding, there have been an astronomical influx daily of those that do not, swearing at us, threatening to sue, arguing and yelling at my staff, making team members cry.”

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Management asks for better treatment of their staff

In the post, the management team then goes on to ask that their visitors treat their employees with kindness. They also explain that many of them are students and teenagers who are just trying to make some money over the summer holidays.

They also explain how the restaurant had to make some adjustment because of how many customers they are now serving, which obviously means they need some patience while they adjust to serving more people.

“Please remember that many of my staff are young, this is their first job or summer job to help pay for college.”

Facebookers feel for mistreated staff

After seeing the post, many could not help but feel bad for the staff members who were subjected to the ill-treatment. A lot of them headed to the comment section where they shared kind words and well wishes.

One woman, Jean Santiago Perra wrote:

“So sorry.. obviously the rude have never worked in the service industry… Truly we need laws put in place for this behavior, it’s abuse and not acceptable.

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