harry and meghan archie ntsika royal tour

Photo: Chris Ship / ITV / Twitter

Royal Tour: Harry and Meghan dance, as baby Archie “given Xhosa name” [video]

Meghan and Harry have had a blast in Nyanga, and the local gogos have given baby Archie a very local name indeed – here’s why “Ntsika” was chosen.

harry and meghan archie ntsika royal tour

Photo: Chris Ship / ITV / Twitter

It looks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are enjoying their Royal Tour of South Africa together. Harry and Meghan have begun their tour of the continent with a visit to Cape Town. They addressed a school in Nyanga, where the pair rallied against gender-based violence and celebrated the town’s “community spirit”.

Meghan and Harry visit Nyanga

Nyanga has gone through a lot. Sadly, it is one of the most dangerous suburbs in South Africa, and remains as the “murder capital” of Mzansi – there are more deaths-per-capita here than anywhere else. So it was more than fitting that Prince and Princess came to show their support for the troubled region.

Meghan chose to express solidarity with the women in the audience, sharing her experiences as a sister and a mother. The former actress has fought on behalf of numerous charitable causes, both before and after her relationship with Harry began. The Prince, meanwhile, said he was “inspired” by the locals’ belief in a better future.

Royal Tour: Strictly Cape Dancing

The Duke and Duchess were soon roped into showing off their dance moves – because, why not, right? – as the festivities took on a distinctly traditional flavour. The Royal Tour party were treated to an energetic performance, and sure enough, they soon had Harry and Meghan dancing to their tune.

Harry and Meghan enter a quick “dance-off”

Meanwhile, Harry may have only been a father for a matter of months, but he’s got dad-dancing nailed:

Introducing… Prince Ntsika

Both of them got into the groove, but they weren’t fully South African-ised on their Royal Tour just yet. No, representatives from The Justice Desk – a human rights group who operate in Nyanga – decided to get baby Archie in on the act. The infant was given a Xhosa name, and we’re already in love with it: It’s Ntsika.

Hell, “Prince Ntsika” has an amazing ring to it! The name was chosen, as it translates to “pillar of strength”, and it was reasoned that the young Royal could become just that “for the people that need him”. Cute, man!