Rooibos to overtake black tea

Rooibos may not be tea, but it’s ours!

Rooibos to overtake black tea in local consumption

Rooibos consumption is growing gradually and well on its way to overtaking black tea consumption.

Rooibos to overtake black tea

Rooibos may not be tea, but it’s ours!

A new independent research has found that rooibos is the “it” tea for the whole 30.9% tea-drinking population.

To get to this conclusion, about 25 000 adults were interviewed in urban and rural areas.

The aim of this research was to get an ‘in-depth understanding’ of SA’s tea market.

“Although Black Tea still has a higher overall consumption than Rooibos, it is experiencing a steady decline, whereas Rooibos tea is showing growth both locally and even more so globally,” said Ernest du Toit, Rooibos council’s spokesperson.

Du Toit said this is because of the health benefits that the rooibos tea is known for.

“Rooibos tea is absolutely free of caffeine and low in tannin, and helps to support iron levels in the body. Its naturally sweet and fruity taste means you also don’t need to sweeten it with sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can enjoy it as is, while reaping all of its health benefits,” said du Toit.

In light of the newly proposed sugar tax on sweetened beverages which is aimed at curbing obesity and other related health issues, it helps that consumers are looking for healthier alternatives.

The tea is known for being rich in antioxidants called aspalathin and nothofagin which help fight ‘free radicals in the body’ that are responsible for many illnesses.

You probably also know that it is also good for cosmetic use as many beauty products contain its extracts but what I’ve recently discovered is that works wonders for skin if applied ‘raw’ and by that mean as a home-made concoction.

Lastly, I’ll have you know that our country currently exports Rooibos tea to over 30 countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, UK and US.

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