AKA takes his punishment during the roast – Photo: Comedy Central / Twitter

#RoastOfAKA: Six of the most brutal putdowns fired at AKA [video]

Even the Supa Mega can be brought back down to Earth with a bang. The #RoastOfAKA was just as brutal as we were hoping for!


AKA takes his punishment during the roast – Photo: Comedy Central / Twitter

Big shot, superstar… and in serious need of some burn treatment. The #RoastOfAka was a star-studded event that allowed some of South Africa’s biggest celebrities to take the piss out of AKA. Needless to say, our famous faces did the occasion justice and went in hard on the musician.

Pearl Thusi, Davido and even Mark Fish shared some cutting barbs, in front of a packed audience that brought the house down whenever the put-downs were delivered.

It was a humbling night for AKA, but at least he was a good sport about it – he even managed to fire a few insults back towards the unforgiving panel.

Shame, Moonchild was just there for the vibe. She probably wasn’t expecting the Fela In Versace singer to compare her hair to the slaughtered sheep on Clifton Beach.

AKA faces the music

He also pulled out a few shocking dance moves to mock his biggest rival in the industry, Cassper Nyovest. Sorry Mufasa, you were never going to be safe, here.

The Comedy Central extravaganza lived up to its much-hyped billing after the channel first started advertising the #RoastOfAKA back in January. The show was the top trending topic on Twitter well into Tuesday morning and there’s good news for those of you who missed these shenanigans.

Not only will Comedy Central broadcast repeats, but Showmax is now offering an uncut and extended version of the show. Forget being PG13, the jokes that crossed a line will now be available to watch via the subscription service from Tuesday 12 March onwards.

#RoastOfAKA: Best insults of the night

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Francois van Coke lives up to his name

Pearl Thusi comes through with the fire!