Riky Rick

The late Rikhado “Riky Rick” Makhado.
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Riky Rick: Family opens up about the rapper’s cocaine addiction

Drugs, especially cocaine have claimed the lives of some of the biggest stars. Did cocaine play a role in the tragic death of Riky Rick?

Riky Rick

The late Rikhado “Riky Rick” Makhado.
Photo: Getty Images

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has sparked a “much-needed” conversation about celebrities and drug addiction, after Riky Rick’s family opened up about his addiction. A number of South African and international stars have over the years revealed that they once used or were addicted to drugs. Unfortunately drugs have also claimed the lives of some of the world’s biggest stars.

Mazwai took to Twitter to say she was thankful that Riky Rick’s family opened up about his “never ending” drug recovery process. 


Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado’s funeral took place on Tuesday 1 March in a private ceremony in Johannesburg. The hip-hop star’s family and close friends all wore white in remembrance of him. 

Bianca Naidoo gave a heartwarming tribute to her husband, Riky Rick, while his father-in-law, Kumi Naidoo also recalled their last conversation. 

Kumi Naidoo also thanked Riky Rick for making his battle with addiction public for all to see.

“Thank you for the courage in dealing with your addictions in a mature and honest public way so that others who face a similar problem could benefit and learn and to say that addiction is not a crime it’s an illness.”

“I am thankful that Riky Rick’s family was open about his never ending drug recovery process…When are we having the cocaine conversation? We just out here watching people die,” Mzawai wrote. 

A number of replies to the tweet seemed to agree that most stars rely on drugs and that drug use and depression are related. 

@_lindokmvelase said 

“I am no performing artist but I know it’s hard to party the whole night just having booze, ciggies and weed. Imagine travelling and having to have energy. The industry is dominated by cocaine guys. You’d have to limit your gigs or have dull performances.”

@ntjreloaded said:

“We were afraid to state the drug use which might have led to depression and suicide, in case they called us insensitive.”

@Riley_blackshp wrote:

“For most celebrities it (drug use) is a form of escapism from the stress they face in life. That’s why we should address  the underlying causes that push people to drug use.” 


No sooner had Slik Talk uploaded a video bashing the wife of Riky Rick, then he swiftly deleted it following backlash on social media.

The controversial celebrity commentator trended on Twitter on Thursday, 3 March after he shared his latest video on his YouTube channel. In it, he took aim at those close to Riky Rick, including his wife Bianca Naidoo, and friends Lasizwe and Big Zulu.

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