Would you use these reusable toilet cloths? image via Twitter: @timpsnugget

Out with the toilet paper, in with reusable cotton cloths?

More and more people are turning to reusable toilet cloths as the cost of living continues to skyrocket. Is it something you would consider?


Would you use these reusable toilet cloths? image via Twitter: @timpsnugget

Toilet paper, like many other household items on our grocery list, is getting quite expensive to keep buying. Years ago, one could get a good roll for around R2, these days a roll can cost up to R6. This is why many people across the world are turning toward the unthinkable – reusable toilet rolls which allow users to wash them each time after use.

Reusable toilet cloths: yay or nay?

In these trying times, people are doing everything they can to save a bit of money.

Swapping pricey grocery products for cheaper alternatives and serving smaller food portions are among the list of things people have started doing in their homes to beat the ever-rising cost of living.

Another money-saving tactic has been brought back to the spotlight – reusable toilet paper. The concept isn’t exactly new but didn’t exactly get a warm reception when it was introduced years ago.

Now that many people’s financial situations are starting to shift negatively it is becoming a little more popular.

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Not the best option?

According to USA Today, reusable cloth may not be the toilet money saver everyone thinks it is.

“This is just a risky practice, overall I think, and the potential for cross-contamination is just very high from your bathroom, where they’re stored, to your laundry room,” she said.

“When you wash these clothes you transfer these germs to an entire load of laundry, even subsequent loads if you’re not using a protocol,” she added.

What do netizens think?

@aubzbod said:

“I’m ALLLLLL for eco-friendly but reusable toilet paper? It’s a no from me dawg”

@timsnugget wrote:

“Naw now I can’t fw nobody that uses reusable toilet paper. You are not saving the environment you’re just grossing everybody out. please stop before you get pink eye from washing your shirt in the same washing machine you put your doodoo rags in”