relationship advice viral

This ‘stay at home wife’ shares unsolicited relationship advice. Image via Instagram: @emilyderean

‘Marry the finished project’: Woman’s ‘date rich’ advice goes viral

‘Date men who can afford to fund your lifestyle, not men looking for 50/50,’ is the kind of advice Emily offers on her popular pages.

relationship advice viral

This ‘stay at home wife’ shares unsolicited relationship advice. Image via Instagram: @emilyderean

A woman has managed to gain a number of followers on social media with her relationship advice. Unsurprisingly, along with thousands of followers, she has gained hundreds of critics who believe she is sending the wrong message about relationships into the world.

Of course, there are those who have praised her for going after what she wants and living a life that makes her happy.

Woman’s relationship advice wreaks havoc on social media

Once upon a time, men were the providers and women were the homemakers. Things have changed drastically as women fought for equal rights not only in the workplace but in their homes.

While many couples prefer this way of living, some women still want their men to take the “provider” role in their lives.

One woman, in particular, Emily de Rean, of Dallas, Texas, says that dating a wealthy man who will make it his life mission to take care of you is the ultimate goal in life.

The 37-year-old has gained thousands of followers on her social media platforms from the advice she gives women on how to attract the kind of man who values traditional gender roles.

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According to IOL, De Rean wasn’t always a stay-at-home woman. She used to work a corporate job but thought carefully about whether she wanted to do that for the rest of her life.

And so she quit her job and found herself a rich man who pays for her shopping sprees, trips to the beach, and yoga classes.

“You don’t have to just be a stay-at-home mom, you can aspire to be a young child-free woman and not work,” she told Southwest News Service.“I spend my hours doing what I want and have time to look after my body, cook nice meals and spend quality time with friends,” she added.

Meanwhile, in her free time, she also gives advice to women who would love to be in her shoes.

“Date a man who can afford to fund your lifestyle.”

“They need to be financially viable for your needs,” she told Southwest News Service.

“You don’t know how a man is going to end up even if he has potential. You should date the finished product.”

Backlash galore

While many have eaten the advice up, others have slammed her as a gold digger. Many also shared that she was not doing feminism any good.

Mskorbia write:

“So what happens if you get divorced? What’s your plan then? or are you a woman who values a wallet more than self-respect?”