Read: Community helps reunite

Read: Community helps reunite man with his dogs. Faith in humanity restored

Every community should be more like Melville.

Read: Community helps reunite

The local community of Melville in Johannesburg has shown us what it REALLY means to be a community.

Jonathan is a homeless man from the Melville area and is known by community members for always looking after his two dogs.  He is also known for just how much he loves his dogs, they are his life. One day though, a woman assumed that just because Jonathan was homeless, she could take his dogs away from him. To put it in perspective, she stole them. Telling Jonathan that she would take his dogs to feed them, she never brought them back.

Some Melville community members noticed that he was devastated and vowed to help him get his dogs back. Posts and comments on the I Love Melville Face Book page began to rapidly accumulate, community members all did their bit by asking around and spreading the message.

Thanks to the community’s efforts, eventually the local SPCA’s kennel manager became aware of the post, she had very good news. The woman who stole the dogs dropped them off at the SPCA, saying she had found them roaming the streets. A local community member is set to take Jonathan to the SPCA to fetch his beloved companions.

A story like this is important for so many reasons. Not only does it give us all a little boost in humanity, it reminds us how one can often look down on someone because of what they don’t have. Jonathan may not have had a house, but he always made sure he found money for food and ALWAYS had plenty of love. Well done Melville community, we salute you!