Queen Elizabeth

Former cabinet minister Tito Mboweni has been trolled for his tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth.
Image via Twitter

‘Ancestors are turning’: Tito Mboweni trolled over Queen tribute

‘Not suprised. You worked hard to ensure black people remain poor’: One tweep told Tito Mboweni following his tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth

Former cabinet minister Tito Mboweni has been trolled for his tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth.
Image via Twitter

Tito Mboweni has faced the wrath of Black Twitter after he posted a tribute in memory of Queen Elizabeth.

The 97-year-old British monarch died on Thursday in her Balmoral Castle, surrounded by close family members.

But instead of empathising with the former minister of finance’s statement, tweeps have chastised him for his “western” views.

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Taking to his popular Twitter account, Tito Mboweni shared a sombre picture of Queen Elizabeth. He captioned it: “Long live Her Majesty, the Queen!”

The tweet came a few hours after Buckingham Palace confirmed the news of the royal’s death in a statement.

But followers of the former Reserve Bank governor were not impressed with his stance.

Many tweeps commented by sharing clips and pictures of atrocities committied by British colonisers in third-world countries over the years.

Others reminded the monarchy to “return” a pricey jewel; “The Great Star of Africa”, which was inherited by Queen Elizabeth via her great-grandfather King Edward VII.

Here’s what tweeps had to say about Tito’s tribute:

@splash_boys: “Your Venda ancestors must be turning sies Mboweni. But of course, you benefited so it’s not a surprise”

@Wandile_Ntulie: “Please go cook at the funeral”

@MightiJamie: “Long live my ancestors hung from trees by a company sent by the royal charter to colonise Africa”

@band_zi: “Not surprised at all. You worked day and night to ensure that black people remain poorer by the day”

@DoctorShange: “The mother of the ANC sellouts”

@tyengeni1954: “British aristocracy has presided over boundless and bloody extermination of indigenous natives all over the world”


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Meanwhile fellow outspoken SA celeb Pearl Thusi also shared her views on the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

The actress posted a video of a New Zealand human rights activist who explained why colonisers were not mourning the death of the British monarch.

The video was captioned: “Indigenous peoples being tone policed for not being respectful of their colonisers is peak white supremacy (looking at you, Jeff Bezos and Twitter).

Controversial media personality Ntsiki Mazwai also chimed in with her view on those mourning Queen Elizabeth’s death. She tweeted: “Today we shall see the mental illness of black people as they celebrate the colonizer who led to their poverty and took all their minerals”.

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