water renovating your entertainment area

Image: Unsplash.

Three awesome tips when renovating your entertainment area

(Partner Content) Richard Bailie shares great tips to bear in mind when embarking on a renovation journey.

water renovating your entertainment area

Image: Unsplash.

After months of planning and saving, you are finally ready to start renovating your entertainment area into an oasis of relaxation and socialisation. Transforming your entertainment space is an exciting exercise. There are so many amazing ideas you might have pondered on that your fingers are itching to get started.

The sound of trickling or bubbling water is a universal soother and an excellent option to include in your renewed entertainment area. We tend to feel calmer in the presence of water, whether it be the ocean, a powerful river, or a babbling brook.

For this reason, consider including some sort of water feature when renovating your entertainment area. This can be as simple as a store-bought DIY water feature, or as elaborate as a purpose-built Koi Pond feature. You can even in some way link your water feature with your swimming pool if it is accessible from your living area.

Great tips from Richard Bailie, our PIRB expert

Richard Bailie

Richard has been working in the plumbing industry for many years and has become a reliable source of information for all plumbing related questions we have. We have bounced some ideas off Richard to get a feel from him what will work from a plumbing perspective. After all, if renovating your entertainment area incorporates water in an indoor area, you will certainly need the expertise of a Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) expert.

“Incorporating water into an indoor area in any way does, unfortunately, have inherent drawbacks. Stagnant water bodies need to be carefully managed in order to maintain the quality of the water and the prevention of algae and other growth. Waterproofing also plays a big role. This is often underplayed or overlooked, and will result in tremendous costs to repair if not done correctly,” Richard said.

Tip 1: Design with your head, not your heart

It is common to get carried away by emotion. When we allow our creative juices to start flowing to incorporate a water feature into our living spaces, we tend to want to make it as elaborate and breath-taking as the budget and space will allow.

The truth of the matter is that the novelty soon wears off when something goes wrong and we are left wishing that we had been far more conservative in our designs, especially when you realise that the waterproofing done by a non-registered plumber off the street is not so waterproof after all.

Tip 2: Maintenance is key

Make sure that the water treatment equipment and capacity receive as much attention as the water feature itself. It is common to focus more on the water feature than the intricacies of the mechanism making the water feature operate. A regular maintenance regime will ensure that your water feature runs smoothly.

Tip 3: Consult with a PIRB registered plumber

If you plan on renovating your entertainment area, make sure you consult with a PIRB registered plumber. Registered plumbers have all the expertise you need for a successful plumbing job. They are further required to obtain CPD points every year and this ensures that they continuously upskill.

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Consider including an indoor Khoi Pond to liven up your entertainment area. Image: Pexels.

Ready to start renovating your entertainment area?

If you do not have a plumber yet, for your own safety and peace of mind make sure you ask for a professional PIRB registered plumber and a PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC) today. And if you have already engaged with a plumber, it is still a good idea to ensure you are working with a PIRB registered plumber.

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