Outdoor renovation

Make the most of your outdoor renovation project with a PIRB registered plumber. Image: Unsplash.

Outdoor renovation: Shake up your outdoor entertainment area

Thinking of renovating your outdoor entertainment area? We have just the tip you need to start the right way.

Outdoor renovation

Make the most of your outdoor renovation project with a PIRB registered plumber. Image: Unsplash.

What is better than unwinding with your family and friends around a barbeque fire crackling cosily against the backdrop of a perfect South African sunset? Outside entertainment often revolves around preparing food on a braai. Usually, it is not only the person in charge of the braai that spends time outside but everyone else joins to enjoy the aroma of the sizzling meat.

Make the most of your outdoor space by conducting an outdoor renovation project. Make your braai area as functional as possible by including an outdoor sink with hot and cold water. And if you want to avoid too much traffic inside the house from outside making sandy footprints on your clean floors, why don’t you include an outside guest toilet in your outdoor renovation?

All these additions will require you to employ the services of a Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) registered plumber. Whether you are conducting an indoor or outdoor renovation, the question is, how can you ensure that you get the right plumber onboard?

Get a PIRB registered plumber for your outdoor renovation

PIRB is a non-profit organisation registered with CIPC. It is further recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority. The main function of PIRB is to regulate and monitor the plumbing industry to ensure that the competency level of its plumbers remains intact and uncompromised. That way the South African National Standards and Codes of Practice are upheld.

Getting a plumber who is registered with PIRB will ensure that you are protected. PIRB registered plumbers are required to obtain CPD points every year to remain registered, so if your plumber is on the PIRB list of registered plumbers, he will have the necessary skills to render a professional plumbing job.

Transform your outdoor entertainment area with the assistance of a PIRB registered plumber. Image: Pixabay.

The importance of insisting on a PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

PIRB  requires all its registered plumbers to issue a PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC) on all their plumbing works done. This ensures that the plumbing works carried out complies with the level of competency expected by a professional plumber. It is further a mandated legal requirement for PIRB registered plumbers to issue a PIRB CoC on any plumbing work done on a geyser, solar water heater or heat pump according to the Water Services Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as the National Building Regulations.

Therefore, if you find yourself in the hands of a plumber who is unable to provide you with a PIRB certificate of compliance for plumbing work carried out, you may run into trouble. Also, any plumber who says he will “get” a certificate of compliance for you, should make alarm bells go off in your head.

Make sure you employ the services of a PIRB registered plumber who can personally issue you with a PIRB certificate of compliance for any plumbing works carried out on your outdoor renovation project.

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