Outdoor entertaining 101: Five

Image: Pixabay

Outdoor entertaining 101: Five plumbing tips to get things Summer ready

Time to get things Summer ready! Are you planning on renovating your outdoor entertainment area? Here’s what you need to know plumbing wise:

Outdoor entertaining 101: Five

Image: Pixabay

Planning to renovate your outdoor entertainment area? Plumbing might be the last thing you want to think about when it comes to renovating your outdoor entertainment area, but, according to our plumbing expert, it is the best starting point and there are a couple of reasons why.


Richard Bailie, our expert on anything regarding the plumbing industry provided some insight on the best way to start your renovation project, saying that there are various things to keep in mind for an outside area…plumbing wise. Before your project kicks off, it is advised that you call a Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) registered plumber to help you with the finer details.

Richard has been active in the plumbing industry for many years and is in the best position to answer some of the pressing questions you may have before embarking on your outdoor entertainment renovation project.

An outdoor sink

“South African outside entertainment areas often revolves around food, and most probably a braai,” Richard says. “It is always helpful to have a sink outside to clean your freshly caught line fish or rinse vegetables for instance.”

His hacks in this instance, include:

  • Install hot and cold water, for any fats that may be present
  • Remember: Waste must go to sewer
  • Make sure the hot water source is close-by, or install a point-of-use geyser

An outdoor guest toilet

Richard says that you can easily prevent a lot of traffic in and out of the main house with an outside guest toilet. If that isn’t possible, consider a simple, screened urinal.

“Of course, make sure all waste/sewer requirements are met by using a registered plumber,” he adds.

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An outdoor shower

What’s more, Summer means swimming. Whether it is straight from the beach or into your own pool…if you are lucky enough to have one. With this in mind, wouldn’t an outside shower be nice?

“Again, make sure to adhere to requirements,” he adds. “It may seem okay to just let the water fall on the ground, like a hosepipe right? But think of the long-term effects. The build-up of deposits, erosion and undermining of the foundation should all be considered.”

In this case, if you have hot water, make sure the geyser is close, or put another, dedicated one in.

What about drains?

Because of the nature of cooking in general, an outside hard surface could get dirty and greasy over time.

“Make sure you have catered for the washing of this area by installing a suitable floor drain. Note that depending on the nature of what you are washing down the drain, there may be a requirement of a grease interceptor, although this is unlikely.”

Water features

Water features are always a fantastic added luxury in any outside area – but there are other things to keep in mind in this instance.

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The PIRB has a Search Button that can be accessed via pirb.co.za. On the PIRB’s homepage, look for the green block that states: “Is your plumber from a PIRB Plumbing Company? Find one today!” 

Simply enter your city or suburb, a plumbing company’s name or postal code, and find a PIRB registered plumber or company near you. 


Yes, on pirb.co.za, look for the ‘Verify a Plumber’ circle and enter the plumber’s name, surname or PIRB registration number to verify. Feel free to call the PIRB at 0861 747 275 or 012 654 8245 or send an email to info@pirb.co.za for more information.