Kitchen Ergonomics: The smart

Kitchen ergonomics make all the difference to your renovation project! Image: Pexels.

Kitchen Ergonomics: The smart way to remodel your kitchen

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Kitchen Ergonomics: The smart

Kitchen ergonomics make all the difference to your renovation project! Image: Pexels.

Remodelling your kitchen is a decision not lightly taken. It involves careful planning, a little bit of stubborn dedication and willingness to put up with a week or two of stumbling over a dusty building site, the remnants of what was once your old kitchen. You may even have to set up a make-shift kitchen in another suitable corner of your home depending on the intensity of your kitchen renovation.

So, if you have to go through all this discomfort, definitely you want to make sure your kitchen remodelling is executed right the first time. The last thing you want is to discover after your kitchen renovation that your kitchen sink is located totally out of sync with the rest of your kitchen arrangement. And this is where the importance of kitchen ergonomics plays a major role.

What is kitchen ergonomics?

Have you ever been frustrated by walking “miles” to your kitchen sink every day? Do you have to stand on your tippy-toes to get to your kitchen appliances? If this sounds like your daily challenges, an ergonomic kitchen will solve these irritations.

Ergonomics is all about examining the correlation between the human body, the objects we use and the spaces we move in. The purpose is to tailor our living spaces to our body sizes so that we can save time by avoiding unnecessary movement and unnatural positions.

In other words, after your kitchen renovation, not only should your kitchen have that modern look and feel, but it must be practical and compliant with technical requirements. 

This where the value of an experienced plumber registered with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) cannot be underestimated. PIRB registered plumbers have the necessary skill set to guide their clients into the most practical kitchen renovation possible while adhering to technical requirements.

Kitchen ergonomics with Richard Bailie, our PIRB expert

Richard Baille

Richard Bailie has been working within the plumbing industry for many years. Kitchen renovations are nothing new to him and he shares some valuable ergonomic considerations and tips to bear in mind when embarking on your kitchen remodelling project. 

Kitchen layout

The kitchen is the hub of your home and one of the most used spaces with frequent traffic. The most logical layout is to ensure you have a “triangle” layout between your sink, stove/oven and fridge. This will avoid unnecessary trips in your kitchen.

Having an experienced PIRB registered plumber on board is essential as the plumbing needs to be planned beforehand, as changing the position of a sink for example oftentimes has detrimental effects. Often the plumbing extensions that become necessary when moving a point are troublesome. For example, a waste pipe that has been moved would probably have unnecessary changes of direction, increasing the possibility of a blockage.

Water filtration system

Getting a water filtration system in your kitchen is a valuable addition you’ll never miss until you get it. With the help of a PIRB registered plumber, you can easily integrate your water filtration system with your kitchen aesthetics and ergonomics.

Hot water point-of-use

Usually, the kitchen sink hot water point is used multiple times a day. Mostly this is fine, but if there is any significant length of pipe between your geyser and the sink, you will be wasting a lot of hot water which have cooled down in the long pipe every time you open the hot water tap.

Consider placing a smaller, single point of use hot water system. These are designed to be installed immediately at the point, as this eliminates the waste. It should be noted that this is not a solution for all homes. You should consult with a PIRB registered plumber to determine what will work best in your kitchen.

Ready to implement kitchen ergonomics in your home?

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