Turn your garage into a man ca

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Turn your garage into a man cave with these awesome tips

Are you planning on turning your garage into your very own man cave? Here are four tips to make it the best man cave ever:

Turn your garage into a man ca

Image: Pexels

Ah, the man cave. The mantuary. A man cave is to man what rainfall is to a desert – never the same but always fantastic! If you are looking for the space to implement a man cave, why not turn to your garage and put some of that space to good use?

Garage Man Cave | PIRB

Richard Bailie, our expert from the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB), shared his best tips when it comes to renovating your garage into a possible man cave.

Richard says that while he is not as lucky as some to have a dedicated space reserved only for man-caving, he makes do with a Wendy house he built.

“The Wendy house doubles and triples up as a depository for most unused and out-of-favour household products, gardening equipment, a bicycle and of course the broken pieces of a small little wooden storage contraption that I was entrusted with to repair….about 19.5 months ago.”

Richard says that his man cave is filled with stuff that blows his hair back – TOOLS!

“Lots of them. I have tools in there that have an inch of dust on them. I have tools in there that will yet gather two inches of dust, but that’s the point isn’t it? It’s my space. A space where I feel comfortable and safe and fulfilled.”

Four tips to make your garage man cave the best

That’s why Richard says it is important to spend some time on your man cave for it to really suit you.

Think Comfort

His first tip alludes to making the space a place where you can physically spend time in.

“What I mean by this is actual physical comfort – Is it drafty in there? Is it well insulated against heat and cold?”

Also make sure to furnish it with what you are comfortable with, never mind what the missus would prefer!

“There is something to be said for uniqueness, no matter how quirky. Often when our defenses are lowered, and we allow ourselves to become a little vulnerable, creative juices start to flow and we can end up with objects, trinkets and even furniture that no-one else gets. But that’s ok because it feeds the soul.”

When it comes to plumbing

Richard says that with a bit of imagination, a water feature can be created to suit almost any space. What’s more, you can also install your own keg and tap! While that may not suit everyone, consider some sort of wet bar, after all this will probably be a hangout for your friends as well.

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Lighting matters

Installing the correct lighting could make or break a space. Lighting is one of those things that if done correctly, becomes more than the sum of its parts.

The alternative

Richard advises one to visit alternative retailers, such as flea markets, second-hand building material places, nurseries and brick-a-brack stores for inspiration.

“You are sure to find some in those wonderful places. Often our souls want to break free from the polished, shiny, perfect and often expendable offerings on display at our mainstream stores.”

Why you need a PIRB registered plumber when renovating

PIRB registered plumbers have the experience and skills to ensure your plumbing requirements are executed efficiently and professionally. That’s why it is advised to consult a PIRB registered plumber when you want to renovate. PIRB registered plumbers ultimately have the experience and skills to ensure your plumbing requirements are executed efficiently and professionally.

Also make sure to ask for a PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC) when starting on your renovation journey. Feel free to call the PIRB at 0861 747 275 or 012 654 8245 or send an email to info@pirb.co.za for more information.