Clifton plot land

The vacant plot that’s got tongues wagging – Photo: BidX1 / Canva

This is the “last available” plot of land in Clifton, and it could cost R20m [photos]

Blimey, this is something else. An extremely rare opportunity for property developers has surfaced in Clifton, and it could lead to a record-breaking bid.

Clifton plot land

The vacant plot that’s got tongues wagging – Photo: BidX1 / Canva

The lifestyles of the rich and famous, eh? Clifton Beach is one of the most beautiful areas of Cape Town, boasting an affluent community and eye-catching properties that would make a Bond villain blush.

This is the land that’s up for grabs – Photo: BidX1

The dramatic sea-facing scenery is home to some of the most divine guesthouses and exclusive restaurants in the whole country. What Clifton also does extremely well is hide its secrets – but one cat may have just got out of the bag here, thanks to the auction website BidX1.

clifton land plot
The Clifton Steps are just a few metres away – Photo:

A plot of land across the road from Clifton 1st Beach is up for auction next month. The vacant spot has been listed as “one of the last available plots” in the region and has got multi-millionaires scrambling to claim it. If you’ve got a bit of spare change lying about, this is your essential information:

  • The plot, located at 4 Apostles Steps Way, is 455 square metres.
  • The location is a prime one, given the exceptional views that come with it.
  • The estimated value of the site is between R10m – R20m.
  • Architectural design plans are available for BidX1’s registered bidders.
Aerial view of the plot – Photo: BidX1

For any avid property moguls out there, mark this date in your diary: Bidding on the plot begins at 9:00 on Wednesday 10 April. It will stay open for four hours before the last bid must be submitted ahead of the 13:00 deadline. Think of it as bidding on eBay, except the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been.

Four of the top six most expensive properties in Cape Town are located in Clifton, with one particularly ostentatious home valued at R200 million. With a vacant plot of land going for a tenth of that price, it may turn out to be a shrewd investment rather than a vanity project.

You won’t even notice the neighbours – Photo: BixX1

Another positive is that this particular slice of land sits on the other side of Victoria Road, which splits the beachfront from the rest of Clifton. So the next time a sheep is slaughtered on the sand, you’ll be well out of harm’s way.

To register your bid online, visit this link.

Accessible by Victoria Road on the west, and Kloof road to the east – Photo: Google Maps