Waitress thankful for tip.

Waitress thankful for tip. Image via Facebook @NdondoKa’BabakheNgobeni ·

‘How much do you want Caroline’: Man gifts waitress desired tip

See how much money a waitress asked for, when a customer asked for her desired amount at a South African restaurant.

Waitress thankful for tip.

Waitress thankful for tip. Image via Facebook @NdondoKa’BabakheNgobeni ·

A waitress at Roastmasters Cafe in Pretoria said a kind customer once asked her how much tip she wants to receive when the bill arrived.

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Caroline, who’s a waitress at Roastmasters Cafe revealed on her Facebook account that she asked the customer for R500 when he asked her how much she wanted.

“I am a Waitress at a Cafè. On Saturday I was serving a family of four. A wife, husband and two kids. The family was friendly and patient. When they asked for the bill, the husband asked: “How much tip do you want Caroline?”

I jokingly said: “R500 and yes he did give me. I was so happy and grateful. I really needed the money for my driving lessons. One hour lesson is R250. Now I have money for two lessons, thanks to that family. To this day I am still grateful. May the good Lord bless them abundantly.”

The card shows that the father of two paid R1064 with his card as his bill was R564 and the waitress’ tip was R500. The South African was alerted to THIS moving story in 2022.

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