cheating repair guy

This guy took some desperate measures to hide his cheating. Images via Unsplash and Facebook: Hubert Moyake

‘Please don’t fix it!’: Cheating man leaves bizarre note for phone repair guy

‘My girl caught me cheating’: One man went the extra mile to stop his girl from finding evidence of his infidelity. Take a look…

cheating repair guy

This guy took some desperate measures to hide his cheating. Images via Unsplash and Facebook: Hubert Moyake

A cellphone repairman has left the internet in complete stitches after sharing a bizarre story about a cheating man. According to the man, he was given a broken phone and got a big surprise when he opened it.

Inside the phone was a note from the man who asked him not to fix the phone that contained evidence of his cheating.

Cheating man goes the extra mile to protect the contents of his phone

People do the craziest things when they are worried about being caught out. One man went as far as to leave a message for a cellphone repair guy to help him cover his tracks.

In a hilarious Facebook post, Hubert Moyake shared how he was brought a broken cellphone by a suspicious woman who wanted to catch her man in the act.

After opening the phone, he found a note that explained how the man broke it in an attempt to conceal the evidence.

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The note explains that he threw the phone in hopes that she wouldn’t take the matter further. He then goes on to ask the man not to fix the phone. He also added that he left an R200 in exchange for the cellphone repairer’s compliance.

Repair guy can’t believe his eyes

“Guuuuuuuys am I not on the floor? ???????????? So apparently this other lady came to me just now, you could tell by the way she spoke that she’s really angry.

“So she asked me to unlock this iPhone (activation lock) and fix the LCD cause there are important things she has to get inside the phone.

“Vuliyana mina I phone, haaaaaaay this is what I get. Kanti gents niphuma emakhayeni anjani? Ndifedile,” Herbert captioned the funny post.

Netizens absolutely can’t deal

After the bizarre post was shared it quickly blew up as many people headed to the comment section where they laughed their butts off. Here are some of their comments:

Hubert Moyake said:

“I would never let a brother down. This lady can kiss my ass. BROTHER WHOEVER YOU ARE if you are reading this. Bro, I didn’t fix your phone, you’re legendary.

That girl can cry all she wants. I’ll never fix that phone. Big ups bro. One love.????????????????????????????????????????????????”

Mohammed Ally said:

“I’ll take the 200 and charge her 1500 to fix it and send the guy a letter saying don’t cheat if u broke.”

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