PJ Powers hospital

Image via: PJ Powers – Thandeka / Facebook

SA music icon PJ Powers hospitalised for pneumonia

SA musician PJ Powers was recently admitted to hospital for pneumonia. Here’s what she had to say regarding her health.

PJ Powers hospital

Image via: PJ Powers – Thandeka / Facebook

Legendary South African musician, PJ Powers, who is also affectionately known by her fans as Thandeka, has been hospitalised at the Christiaan Barnard Hospital in Cape Town for pneumonia.


On Monday 31 May, PJ Powers cleared the air about her COVID-19 status by stating that she tested negative and was actually diagnosed with pneumonia.

She posted a GIF of herself in her hospital bed with a cup of coffee and an oxygen machine on her official Facebook account with a caption that read;

“Hi everyone!!!!!!!! If I’ve been a little quiet lately it’s cause I was checked into Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital on Friday, Not getting enough oxygen!!!!! And so here I am with a fabulous cup of coffee and my life-saving oxygen. The verdict is pneumonia………I tested negative to thank you God! I’ve been a 3/4 and 5 but Magical Monday has brought out the 6 in me. How are you all feeling?? Let me know…”

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!???????????? If I’ve been a little quiet lately it’s cause I was checked into Christian Barnard Memorial…

Posted by PJ Powers – Thandeka on Monday, May 31, 2021

Helloooooo Good People! What’s happening with the weather today, as you know I’m talking your internal and emotional…

Posted by PJ Powers – Thandeka on Sunday, May 23, 2021


The Jabulani hitmaker, on Saturday, tweeted that the hospital was a circus over weekends. She said; “If you find yourself @Netcare_Limitedd @ChristiaanBarnard hospital like I have, be aware that it is a [bonafide] circus over the weekends and mighty aggressive.”

The Netcare team responded to her tweet on Monday and said: “Hi @PJPowers!. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Please DM us with details about what occurred. Your contact details, so we may investigate and give feedback.”

The Facebook post about her diagnosis, however, received more than 2 000 reactions and was soon flooded with well-wishes from other celebrities and fans:

Deborah Fraser, the South African gospel vocalist, responded saying; “[Please] get better my angel, I will keep on praying for you and all the people who are not ok. Those who are in hospitals who do not have hope anymore, [please] take care of yourself, we [are] all [going] to be [okay]. In the name of Jesus Christ. [Please Lord keep on restoring us from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet, amen.”

Musician Jo Smiley Mc from the UK said; “Sending you lots of love and prayers from the UK. I remember singing on the same stage as you for Nambian Independence Day many many years ago. You are looking as strong as ever. May you have a speedy recovery. God Bless xx.”

“I am so glad you are in the right place and surrounded by people who love and care for you. Keep shining PJ! You are our inspiration and you give us reason and courage to keep going no matter what! Get well soon,” said Steve van Schaick.